Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN)

2012/03/01 08:27:04
Is anyone familiar with Pork-N-More BBQ in Greensburg, Indiana?  I'm considering a stop at Storie's later this year and since P-N-M is just down the street I could probably pay them a visit as well.  Thanks!
Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/03/01 19:11:03
Have not heard of them before but will ask around, i have a friend that is a fireman for greensburg.  Read their guestbook comments, I love the one from today 
Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/03/02 17:15:24
Hate to nail them, but the comments are staged. I've had a guestbook since shortly after I opened, on book 8 now. No one leaves messages like that, you'd have to read my books to understand and trust what I'm saying!
Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/03/02 18:21:36
Some day I need to go to Greensburg as I have some more genealogical research to do there. I think I will visit Storie's then for the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich of course.
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Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/05/24 15:11:22
I never knew how cheap it was to buy a hunk of pork and roast it at home, now i realize how much money these pulled pork guys are making.
Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/05/25 17:57:23

I never knew how cheap it was to buy a hunk of pork and roast it at home, now i realize how much money these pulled pork guys are making.

LOL! Yeah, you sure know. "pulled pork guys"
Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/08/27 12:15:47
I'm not sure why but Pork-N-More's website is no longer active...anyway, last Thursday I had lunch there with CarolinaBob and a couple of other people.

I'll give it a "pretty good".  I liked the flavor of my brisket sandwich but this was one of the very few times there was too much bark (and I like a fair amount of it), and probably because we were there right when they opened my macaroni and cheese wasn't as hot as I would've liked.  But the beans were really tasty with a smoky, slightly peppery flavor and I could've easily eaten more.  I don't have a photo of the slaw but some of the ingredients are apparently nontraditional, and that earned it a mixed reaction from those that ordered it.
As a side note, Greensburg is famous for the tree that grows in the top of the courthouse tower.  I was wondering about it while I was waiting in the parking lot for the others to arrive, I took a look around, and voila!  There it was.

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Re:Pork-N-More (Greensburg, IN) 2012/08/27 15:52:10
I wish I could say that I enjoyed our meal at Pork N More as much as Brad did, but this visit was even more disappointing than my previous one. The iced tea, served in a mason jar with neither ice or lemon juice available, was overly sweet even by southern standards. The pulled pork sandwich was just okay; the meat had relatively little smoke flavor, the sauce didn't have much of a kick to it, and the bun wasn't the freshest I've ever seen. Both of my sides were unimpressive as well; I wasn't that thrilled with the barbecued beans and the potato salad was rather dull. On the plus side, though, the service was friendly and efficient. I'd rate this as just passable 'que, but, to be fair, I've had a lot worse.