Tortilla Factory Restaurant is CLOSED (Herndon, VA)

Double Cheeseburger
2012/03/06 14:54:53
The Tortilla Factory restaurant in Herndon, VA closed it's doors after 37 years in business.  It was a local favorite for Mexican food for many years.  But, it seemed to go downhill in recent years.
As others have indicated in the comments, the quality did seem to suffer in recent years.  And, I agree with them that blaming the economy is B.S.  .... at least in this case.   Sure, there are plenty of restaurants around the nation affected by the economy, but if you're good, you'll make it.   Also, the Tortilla Factory is located in the second wealthiest county in the nation (Fairfax County, VA) with an average household income over $104K per year.   And, a few miles away is the nations wealthiest county (Loudoun Co., VA) with a median household income over 119K per year, and an uemployment rate of 3.9%.   Bad economy, my a$$.  
Does anyone else think that the "bad economy" excuse is being over-used by restaurants that are closing?  I'm not saying that it's not true for many areas, but in some cases, it seems to be a convenient excuse for a restaurant that has gone down hill. 
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Tortilla Factory Restaurant is CLOSED (Herndon, VA) 2012/03/06 17:17:26
I never thought the Tortilla Factory was anything special at all...maybe a step above Taco Bell. Look at Anita's, just down the street and still doing a booming business!
It was more of a neighborhood place that people went to because their parents had always went on and so on. I'm surprised they didn't close the doord years ago....I don't think the economy had anything to do with their closing at all....