Buck A Brat Saturdays!

2012/03/16 03:01:31
If you live within a 200 mile radius of Queen Creek AZ you need to check out The Pork Shop.
They have the best and highest quality pork products I've ever seen.
On Saturdays in March they serve a Brat cooked in beer butter & onions for a buck.
You get one free # of Brats with a $15 order.
Check out their price list to see the wide variety of pork products they sell. Smoked and Fresh Sausages, Hams, Made on-site lunch meats, All cuts of pork, (Their Baby Backs are to die for), All flavors of snack sticks(like Slim Jims, only much better), Iowa Pork Chops, Smoked meats, and pigs ears for your dog! They sell everything but the oink! No beef or chicken products sold here, all pig!
Unfortunately, I don't think they ship, but you could give them a call. Their snack sticks should ship OK.
They do a bang up business with Snowbirds from the Midwest.
They come and buy coolers full of stuff so you know it's good meat!
I get a boneless smoked ham there every Easter. A Half Ham is $5.08 a #. Worth every penny! 
While you're out there visit The Queen Creek Olive Mill. It's only 2-3 miles down the road:
It's the only olive grower and producer of extra virgin olive oil in AZ
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