The Old Coffee Pot, NOLA

2012/03/19 03:51:43
For those of you going to NOLA for The 2012 Roadfood Festival, try the Old Coffee Pot Restaurant, 714 St Peters St in the Quarter for breakfast. They serve lunch & dinner too but the breakfast is where they shine. Forget about Brennans and those other expensive places. This is a "Locals" place. 
The Speciality of the house is Callas Cakes - The recipe dates back to the mid 1800’s. A blend of sweet spices and long grain rice, formed into a ball and deep fried, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with creamy grits and maple syrup.
My personal favorite is Eggs Conti - Two eggs poached in a light wine sauce with green onions and fresh chicken livers, served over their fresh homemade biscuits. Served with grits or home fries.
If you're into Omelets, try the Rockefeller - Fresh creamed spinach, oysters, cheese, and a blend of their own herbs and spices topped with a cream sauce.
I've not tried their Corned Beef Hash so can't vouch for it.
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Re:The Old Coffee Pot, NOLA 2012/03/19 13:29:38
I saw a John Folse show where he talked about the Old Coffee Pot and had the chef and a waitress on, making Callas. Looked delicious!