March (Taco) Madness!

2012/03/19 15:13:59
Serious eats has come up with an interesting competition based on the format of March Basketball Madness.
They traveled the country to find the top 64 Tacos and will whittle the list down all this week.
The Bracket Methodology
The national list includes 64 contenders divided by region: West, South, Midwest, and East. Within each region we picked our top 16 taco contenders (ta-contenders?) which we then narrowed down to four winners from each region to enter the Sweet 16.
The regions were split up into mostly obvious clusters of states, though some gerrymandering needed to occur to make sure the division of taco awesomeness was a little more fair for each region. For example, we included Arizona and New Mexico in the South, as there were just too many great taquerias in the West to lump them together. Hey, it's not easy creating a March Madness-style bracket for all the tacos in this darn country!
Should be fun to follow the Taco Tournnament all week!
Re:March (Taco) Madness! 2012/03/19 20:03:05
Now that's a contest I'd love to judge!
Glad to see Cinco Puntas as one of the contenders.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:March (Taco) Madness! 2012/03/20 15:58:07
I'm inspired to go get tacos for dinner. The lengua tacos from Don Nacho in the eastern division look fantastic, but they're in Rhode Island. 
Looks like they stuck to the coast for the eastern division.