Conference Realignment 2012

2012/03/19 18:52:18
As I was sitting at a bar during the halftime of the KU game (I’m a graduate, go Jayhawks) on Sunday, we got to talking about the future of the Big 12 and what we thought was going to happen. With all of us having read different stories on different websites we decided on several different schools we thought were possibilities to be future members.
One of the issues we discussed was why the Big 12 invited only WVU and TCU to join next year. It was pointed out that the Big 12 needed 2 new schools immediately to replace MU and A&M and maintain the minimum 10 schools that the existing television contract required. Going back to 12 schools is definitely going to happen so that they can schedule a football championship game and to get back television households before the negotiations for the next television contract begins. These decisions will be made by the new commissioner who has yet to be hired.
These are the schools that we talked about and what we thought their chances were
  1. Louisville Cardinals – this is a done deal. Louisville will be invited to join the Big 12 effective 7/1/2013. The price that WVU paid the Big East has set the price Louisville will have to pay in order to leave in one year. As a reminder, Louisville pushed hard to be chosen instead WVU last year. Louisville also gets us into the Kentucky media markets.
  2. BYU Cougars – this would be a good choice from a cable standpoint due to the alumni around the country who would subscribe to a Big 12 cable offering. However, there is increasing evidence that BYU sees itself as a Notre Dame equivalent and believes that it will be able to maintain its’ football program as an independent. An additional hurtle is the requirement that none of their athletic activities occur on Sunday. That is one reason that BYU moved to the West Coast Conference made up of all religious schools for all of its’ other sports.
  3. Cincinnati Bearcats – we believe that this would be a good choice because it preserves the Louisville – Cincinnati Rivalry and it gets the Big 12 into the Ohio media markets. The downside is the relatively small size of the football stadium and that we would be taking a third school from the Big East.
  4. Colorado State Rams – we believe that this would be an excellent choice for several reasons. First, it gets us back into the Colorado media markets where the Big 12 is known due to its’ former member CU. Second, rather then raiding another BCS conference, we would be promoting a school up one level in football competition. Finally, Colorado State draws its’ student body from all over the state of Colorado as opposed to Louisville and Cincinnati who are more of a local school.
  5. Air Force Academy Fighting Falcons – a prestigious but unlikely choice. Any conference would love to have a service academy as a member. They greatly increase the academic standing of your conference. However due to the physical size limitation requirements, the school would not be very competitive in many sports. A plus side is that its’ games are always on Armed Forces Network.
These are the schools that we discussed for the Big 12; however things may get very interesting in other parts of the country also. Rumor has it that the SEC is interested in poaching a couple of ACC members. Notre Dame is concerned that due to the new scheduling deal between the Big10 and the Pac 12 that it will start to have problems scheduling quality opponents and that the new football television contract may not be as high as originally anticipated. What do you think is going to happen?
Re:Conference Realignment 2012 2012/03/20 09:14:22
first, lets just say rock chalk go KU. i've heard Oklahoma has been fighting 12 schools for some reason. i guess they feel that way they go to the bcs bowl every year. it has to have 12 teams. we have to stay competitive. Louisville and Memphis would have been the 2 best choices but they already blew it on memphis. i do think Louisville is a done deal. not sure of the second. they could grab another smaller texas school but don't want to many from there. BYU would be ok, they need to realize they are not that good. the way things are going, its not going to work well for a independent. who ever they get, they need to get it done fast or we will miss out. 
Re:Conference Realignment 2012 2012/03/20 20:35:59
We talked about Memphis but decided that their football program was not big enough to move to the Big 12. We won't be taking another Texas school because the idea is to get into new media markets in order to offset the loss of the Denver and Saint Louis; a part of Texas; and one third of Kansas City.