10 Meals, one Chicken

Filet Mignon
2012/03/20 13:20:31
I had a 5lb Chicken last week, I cut it up and used 7 pcs (cutting the half breast into 3 pcs) for fried chicken. I used the back and wings for chicken stock for Chicken noodle soup, and made soup and sandwiches. The other half breast was used to make Chicken Divan served with white rice and garlic toast. Not bad for ane chicken making 10 meals.................
Fried Chicken, feding 3 adults and one child

Soup and sandwich for 3 people.........

Chicken Divan, serving 3 people

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/20 13:23:58
Boy, talk about cheap... .
We Nutmeggers should disown you.
Filet Mignon
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/20 15:33:53
I think I may be still wanted in some parts of Ct, I'll need to check the Post Office in BPT.............When are you going to Ct, I'm taking a train from New York to Boston in Late June, I'll pass my old house at 60 MPH, that should be  a safe speed..............pnwc.........P.S....Nutmeggers, when is the last time you used that word.................
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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/20 15:38:23
We're thinking of going up in late May or early June. But gasoline hit $3.99 here today, so ... .
Nutmegger? I use it every once in a while. Heck, even the state doesn't use it any longer. They've been putting Constitution State on their license plates for years. I guess they don't want people to know why Connecticut is called the Nutmeg State.
Hint for observers: Don't take any wooden nutmegs.
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/28 15:08:48
Now that I am retired, I will go back to buying whole chickens,cutting them up.  I use the breasts, thighs,legs for fried, barbecued, cacciatore, etc chicken.  I throw the rest(back, wings) in the freezer, I make chicken & noodles, chicken & dumplings, chicken stuffing casserole, etc.  The other thing I will do when roasting chickens are on sale is to have the butcher take out the backbone(throw it in the freezer), roast the chocken flat.  Letfovers are for chicken salad, mexican(encliladas, taco salad). 
Junior Burger
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/28 15:17:51
My, everything looks so good.  Are those sandwiches chicken salad made from the chicken?
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/28 16:57:00
Bill. that spread looks terrific!
Re:10 Meals, one Chicken 2012/03/28 17:27:24
Last time that act was performed it was called "Loaves & Fishes' and that hasn't been done in over 2000 years!