Giordano's new Evanston location

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2012/03/20 13:35:09
Giordano's moved down the block to a new Evanston location and we tried it last week.
The pizza is still just as good. Particularly the crust. Very crunchy and light. The flavor of the tomato sauce is also wonderful. I could only ask that they include more spinach, as they used to. I need to remember next time to say extra spinach.
I liked the atmosphere of the new location far better than the old one. Feels more like a real pizzeria.
I'd been worried because I think the company went bankrupt. But even with that, the pizza is still highly recommended.
Re:Giordano's new Evanston location 2012/03/22 10:41:35
IIRC not only did the company file for bankruptcy but there was some family infighting as well.  Ugly situation.
Evanston's too far for me but I think the Rockford location's still open.  Last time I was there was years ago but it was fine.