Embarrassing moments: Restaurant edition

Junior Burger
2012/03/20 22:18:01
Hey there!
I'm a blogger for an online restaurant marketing website, and, for my next story, I'm gathering funny embarrassing stories from people in the restaurant industry.  Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of your manager, or, even worse, the customers?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!  You'll be credited with your first name, last initial, and your town (For example: Chiara F, Chicago).  I'll share a link to the blog post once it's up (if it's allowed on here.)
I know I'm a new user on this forum, so please go easy on me!  ;) If I'm breaking any rules, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
Re:Embarrassing moments: Restaurant edition 2012/03/21 17:32:51
I tried to fist bump Queen Elizabeth when she ate here, I didn't know it, or me asking her to show me her Tats, yep, tats, was a serious breach of protocol!
Tom C.
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Re:Embarrassing moments: Restaurant edition 2012/03/22 09:02:46
Opening a fast food restaurant in 1993 in Prince George's County, MD, grossing $35,000/week, and actually losing money due to employee theft.
The franchisor said that the public schools there must offer "theft" as a curriculum in their vocational programs.