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Rocky Enfield
2012/03/21 15:00:34
My wife and I are planning an anniversary trip to Brown County In in April.  Looking for suggestions for some quality eats.  The only that I can find mentioned in is the Gnaw Bone Sorghum Mill which probably is suited for 3 days of B/L/D.  My limited research has come across the Story Inn and Story Still that look interesting.  Any input or comments would be appreicated.
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/21 15:44:48
You mean Nashville, Indiana?   We stopped at a place there several years ago while searching family history,  Hobnob Corner, in an old pharmacy middle of town.  Food was local and good.  We remember the strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Homemade or locally made breads too.  Lunch crowd had a bit slow service, but we weren't in a hurry. 
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/22 09:04:25
Rocky, while I can't offer any first-hand info I did come across this Brown County site that might give you some ideas.  I'm staying in Brown County later this year and have been doing a little research myself, so I'm hoping you'll recap your trip after you return.
If you and your wife are into wine you might enjoy visiting the Brown County Winery.  I stopped there a couple of years ago.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/22 14:11:18
Big Woods is fun.
Rocky Enfield
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/22 15:14:23
Crew84 --- Hobnob looks to be a great tip.
Screamingchicken --  I have already checked out but the winery might be something for the wife (I never drink anything stronger than Mountain Dew).
Littleman  --- Big Woods looks like an interesting possibilty!

Junior Burger
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/24 13:24:23
I've eaten at both Big Woods and in Gnaw Bone and would vouch for them both. My favorite at Big Woods is the pulled pork nachos, and the pork tenderloin in Gnaw Bone is one of the best. One thing to keep in mind is that the tenderloin isn't at the sorghum mill but rather next door at the gas station. Heard wonderful things about Story Inn too. Enjoy the trip!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/24 20:13:41
I did a trip report of my short trip to the Nashville Indiana area, including the Story Inn. Hope it helps!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/03/24 20:22:37
At the time, the Gnaw Bone gas station, which served the pork tenderloin sandwich was closed. From what I can remember, they had moved "the recipe" to a nearby golf course (restaurant therein), but we couldn't find it.
The Gnaw Bone Sorghum Mill is a must stop, and if the Gnaw Bone gas station is open, I would definitely stop for a BPT sandwich!!
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/04/02 16:44:45
I have eaten at the following several times and vouch for the quality of the experience:
Story Inn
Artist's Colony, just down the street from Hobnob and NH
Nashville House
Hobnob, across the street from NH
The first two are hoity-toity fancy dining in a rustic atmosphere.  The second two are good country eatin'.  Hobnob recipes have more flair at good prices. There is also a Brown County Inn on IN46 which isn't too bad and we frequently eat at the Abe Martin Lodge in BCSP.  I would consider both of these to be a notch below the others and more affordable.
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/04/06 20:09:23
I wouldn't waste either time or money at the Story Inn.  We went there for an anniverisary dinner.  I agree it very hoity-toity, the kind of restaurant my husband dislikes.  He had 3-4 small slices of tenderloin, 3 thin aspargus spears, tiny mound of rice pilaf, cost around $30.  Story Inn was my choice & he has never let me forget our visit there. 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/04/08 21:45:44
I know we picked lunch at Story Inn (as we do with more hoity-toity places) because dinner was much more expensive. Lunch was very good, and reasonable. And, experiencing Story was definitely worth it. However, it has been a four years since I was there, and things do change.
Rocky Enfield
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/04/16 11:34:26
Well out trip to Nashville, In was short but a wonderful experience and relaxing time with no kiddos for my wife and I.
Thanks for your in put as we did try a couple of the places that were suggested as well as a couple of unexpected bonuses.
For fans of the Original Gnaw Bone Tenderloin there is some very good news (also some bad news).  The gentleman who started the Gnaw Bone tenderloin has reacquired the gas station and is once again serving it in its original form.  Apparently this was so well received by the locals that the first day back it completely sold out of its stock.  The bad news is they are not open on Sundays which is when my wife and stopped by on our way out of town .
On Friday night we did have supper at the Big Woods Brewing Co.  We split an order of the the pulled pork nachos, The Big Woods Whimpies (3 mighty tasty sliders) and an artichoke/spinach dip w/roasted red peppers pizza.  That may sound weird but it works!  Unfortunately, they were all out of their house brewed root beer.  That made a stop by the Big Woods Pizza Co. an important stop the next day for a plate of antipasto and a couple mugs of root beer.  Anybody who likes root beer on the biting side more than the creamy side would appreciate quaffing this fresh brewed root beer.
Saturday morning found us at the Hobnob Corner Restaurant where we had an immensely filling breakfast.  I went with the Loggers Hash with a couple of over medium eggs on top and a side of onion dill toast that was made on premise.  Both were very good and I really did enjoy the toast, although my wife thought I was nuts for having that with my breakfast.
Saturday found us spending the day milling around the various shops of Nashville doing our best to contribute to the local economy while dodging raindrops.  It wasn't hard as we found some great items that we just couldn't live without (including foodstuffs to bring home) and by & large the shopkeepers were.  We went into one of the candy/nut stores and left promptly as the lady behind the counter was quite surly.  My grabbed me and ushered me out saying "I don't like her and I won't spend any of my money with her!"  We had recalled walking by the Jack & Jill Nut Shop on the main drag in Nashville so we headed there.  This was the most amazing food find of our entire weekend.  When you walked by you smell the freshly roasted nuts and walking inside it was practically intoxicating.  We bought some of the cashews and they were still WARM!!!  Oh my gosh are these things fabulous.  I think I could have ate their entire stock.  Absolutely the best cashews I have ever had in my life.  We also picked up some of their pecan turtles and they were wonderful as well.  A must stop if I ever go to Nashville again!!!
The all day rain was starting to take its toll on me so I suggested we head down to Bloomington for a movie and dinner.  Before we headed out we ran over to Pat's Sorghum Mill in Gnaw Bone.  We bought the most airy and light loaf of fresh made white bread imaginable.  This was a transcendent loaf of bread.  We bought some Traffic Jam and Caramel Pecan Apple butter for breakfast in our room the next morning.  Even the next morning the bread smelled freshly baked and was great!
After the movie we went to Nick's English Hut on Kirkwood in Bloomington (I am a huge IU fan so this was a must stop) for some of their hamburgers.  My wife declared her mushroom swiss burger the 2nd best of her life (she is partial to Redamak's in New Buffalo, Mi).  The burger I had was very good as it was juicy and you could taste the flames from the grilling. Knowing that their beef and products come from a local farm makes you feel better and the beef certainly tasted great!
After hiking through Brown County State Park we had a pic nic with some of that outstanding bread and a few items we had picked up.  On the way out of town we stopped at the aforementioned Gnaw Bone gas station to only find it closed.
On our way back home we drove threw the Art & Design district (thanks to a detour) in Carmel and came across Bub's.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the place was packed.  We put in our names and went for a walk.  When we were able to be seated I resisted the temptation of the 22oz Big Ugly Burger (that's 22oz precooked meat weight and does not include the 1/2 lb bun or condiments)  and went for the Giant Bub Dog.  an 8 oz, 10" all angus beef Hot Dog of mammoth proportions.  It still tasted wonderful.  Kathy had a small elk burger that she enjoyed.
All in all it was a great trip with some memorable food along the way.  Already making plans for our return visit to see the fall foliage and that time I will make sure I get the Gnaw Bone tenderloin
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/04/16 13:51:25
We NEVER fail to get the onion dill toast at the Hobnob.  That's the reason we go.
Thanks for the update on Gnaw Bone.
Re:Nahville/Brown County In 2012/04/16 13:59:59
Thanks, Rocky!  This thread will be very useful to me later this year.
An acquaintance who lives in Bloomfield also recommended Nick's to me, so I'll have to keep it in mind.