Winkey Dink fans!

2012/03/23 13:24:22
I loved Winkey Dink, I believe the show was called "Winkey Dink and You", as stated in the earlier thread, I tried to get the Winkey Dink kit, never got it, that I clearly remember. The screen on the TV, a crayon I think, was the kit. It's fuzzy to me what problems you could solve using the kit. WINKEY DINK MEMBERS UNITE, wth, was the structure of the show?
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I need some help here!!!! Did Winkey Dink look like the Alka Seltzer boy?
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     Some dvd's containing Winky Dink are available from Amazon, I sure remember the shows in the early 50's. I used waxed paper and ctayons, 'til mom ordered the kit for me. Very limited animation, but fun.
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Re:Winkey Dink fans! 2012/03/25 20:07:48
We had a few, new independent tv stations arrive in our local market around '67-'68. One of them was running that show along with some realy bad cartoons like snuffy smith, prince planet, Krazy Kat and several others I never heard of. I must have been in the 10th grade and remember going to the local pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my grandmother and they had Winky Dink kits for sale. That must have been about '69 or '70 so it must have been syndicated again if they were selling the kits about 25 years later.
Re:Winkey Dink fans! 2012/03/26 04:56:35
I didn't know Winkey lasted that long. It must have seemed awfully crude in '69 or '70 compared to tv cartoon quality at the time.