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2012/03/23 17:46:09
Hi guys, I'm a long time forum reader but this is my first post. I'm a software sales rep living in Indianapolis (born & raised here) and I'm a real food enthusiast. I love to cook and try new recipes, I'm fascinated by institutional cooking, but my true love is making small batch comfort food. Hello! Glad to be posting finally. 
I've eaten a lot of BBQ (mostly in Indiana), but only 2 places really stand out as what I consider to be the "best" in Indianapolis. The first one was a place called Sam's BBQ that closed in the 90's. It was located in a former Burger Chef restaurant and they had the absolute best tasting sauce I've ever had. I was devastated when I came home from college and it was gone. That place was literally what sparked my love of BBQ. 
UNTIL..In the last few years a place on Binford opened called Black Diamond BBQ, and their sauce tasted almost identical to the old Sam's! So much so, that I was certain the places were somehow related. Turns out they aren't related at all, but it gave me hope that since the sauces were so similar, maybe it was something I could also learn how to make at home. 
The sauce is a dark brown color, and fairly thick. It's sweet and smokey but it has some kind of STRANGE ingredient that just makes it explode with flavor. I'm thinking it's something like cinnamon or nutmeg or cloves (something along those line). I was hoping that some of you BBQ fans out there might know exactly what type of sauce I'm describing and can give me some pointers on how to make my own. Also, YES..I have googled a million times for sauce recipes that contain cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves and made at least 20 different recipes and still haven't been able to come close.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm not looking to sell sauce or open a BBQ place, I just want to be able to make a similar sauce as Sam's or Black Diamond. I've asked them, and they wont divulge anything about it (which I understand). I've actually considered searching their trash in an effort to find the precursors, LOL! :)
I'm wondering if the sauce might contain the drippings from the smoked meats that possible? 
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Re:Newbie Intro // Best BBQ in Indianapolis! 2012/03/23 20:22:14
Welcome aboard Upnya.
I look forward to reading more of your Indy rec's since we're through there a couple times a year at least.
Re:Newbie Intro // Best BBQ in Indianapolis! 2012/03/23 22:50:20
And Good Luck!
As you know, there are an infinite number of ingredients that can go into a sauce and an even greater # of recipes.
Hopefully your post will spark some other Roadfooders in the area to go there and try the sauce and maybe give you thier thoughts.
My suggestion would be to work on your own recipe and develop a sauce for yourself that YOU are satisfied with. Otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy!
Chances of duplicating the Black Diamond sauce are slim.
Checked them out on the Internet. They have high ratings. 92% "Like" on Urbanspoon!