Syracuse: Aunt Josie's closing

2012/03/29 14:08:41
After avoiding closure last fall, the northside landmark is closing. Story is here
If you read the comments, you'll read local yokels who complain about the neighborhood surrounding AJ's. The neighborhood was fine. Some of those suburbanites get confused by parallel parking. In fact, since designating the area as "Little Italy" a few years back by the city, the area has improved, since historic areas get tax reliefs and such for development.
Still, others, though, are correct, the food really sunk from where it once was. Slowly at first. It was still good in the 90s. I've mentioned them here before (along with Mother's of Liverpool, that also closed and in moved a very neat BBQ joint rivaling Dinosaur BBQ) But, their meatballs, which were king for decades, really deteriorated in taste and texture. I will fondly think of 1984, my first exposure to AJ's. Great food, good times, and that is my memory to keep. It was a landmark ,and sad to see it go, but it was even more sad to see it in operation and not living up to the greatness it was when Aunt Josie was in the back stirring the meatballs in the sauce and running the kitchen.