Upscale hot dogs?

2012/04/02 11:57:03
A new place called Bison Jack's opened here in the Madison area not too long ago, and based on the website it's not a typical hot dog joint as the sausages are made from bison meat and the buns are baked fresh on-site.  There aren't any other listed locations so it might not be a chain.
Are places like this catching on elsewhere?  Obviously Biker Jim is already involved but I'm curious about whether or not it's a current trend in other cities.
Re:Upscale hot dogs? 2012/04/02 14:05:19
The success of Hot Doug's, arguably the granddaddy of the Gourmet Dog movement, has spurred at least three other similar places here in Chicago.
Ralph Melton
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Re:Upscale hot dogs? 2012/04/02 15:16:48
Pittsburgh has recently resurrected Station Street Hot Dogs as an upscale hot dog shop, with a menu that includes sweetbread dogs and duck fat fries.
Re:Upscale hot dogs? 2012/04/02 16:46:23
It's good to like baseball...

The Mortadella Di Casa, which is always available on the Garces Trading Company lunch menu, is made from local pork, white wine, garlic, espelette and pistachios, and is served on a housemade pain au lait bun with a side of citrus salt and paprika flavored potato chips.