Chateau/Nocera's Ruined by Expansion!

2012/04/03 13:58:31
In my opinion of course.
I have always enjoyed The Chateau Restaurant in Waltham, MA.  Fresh food, expertly prepared, and always served by true professionals.  That has now changed due to a rapid expansion.  Instead of hiring and training professional chefs to work in their restaurants, they have dumbed down their entire operation.
One of my favorite items was the Rhode Island Calamari.  Fresh calamari, lightly dusted with flour, flash fried and served with hot peppers and marinara sauce.  Now, they use frozen calamari.  The breading falls off when you try to pick it up exposing a chewy rubber band.  Absolutely horrible.
The chicken parmesan was always a classic.  A pounded fresh chicken breast that would cover the whole plate.  Now.....a portion controlled piece of dry meat.  Again, horrible.
Before I put the kiss of death on this rapidly growing regional chain, I thought I would give it one last try.  I went to the Andover location and ordered a simple Italian Specialty, tripe.  Although not a common item, it is very had to screw up.  They served me under cooked, large chunks of tripe that were inedible.
And the servers, poorly trained, rude, uncaring, etc.
Very sad that they decided to expand the lazy, profitable(short term)way.  Any other MA people been there lately?
Junior Burger
Re:Chateau/Nocera's Ruined by Expansion! 2012/04/19 05:55:57
Yeah, I would agree with this. The place is massive and they don't seem to have nearly enough staff to deal with it. The food quality does seem to have declined significantly from what it used to me. I think their menu is just so large. They should concentrate on their Italian offerings and just really make them excell. When I go to the Chateau, it's not to have pot roast, it's for pasta.