Baseball TX Roadtrip

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2012/04/05 13:56:55
I am taking a roadtrip from St. Louis to Houston and Arlington via one night stay in Texarkana, TX.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where to eat or things to do?  I have searched the forums and came up with a few, but I'm trying to find things near our hotels.  In Houston and Arlington we are staying near the ballparks (Houston - downtown).  Since Houston and Dallas are such large cities, I'm not sure we would be willing to drive all the way across town for a meal unless we are there for something else.  I am open to anything though.  We're are looking more for BBQ, pizza, burgers and mexican. 
I took at baseball roadtip in 2009 and you guys gave me some great suggestions.  We still talk about some of those places!!
Thanks in advance! GO CARDS!
Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/05 14:22:32
Hi Heather,
If you have a car when in Dallas I recommend a trip to Clark's Outback Barbecue in Tioga.
Besides having terrific food, you'll get a taste of Texas outside of the big city.
I reported on Clark's on this thread.  It's towards the end of the trip:
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Minute Maid Ballpark in Houston is in 77002 Zipcode. I used to find places in that zipcode. Help yourself by food type, price, rating in stars etc.
Same with Arlington:
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Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/06 00:19:48
Remember that Arlington suffered a lot in the tornados this week...
Call ahead.
Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/06 08:55:38
Don't worry; the damage in Arlington was pretty much in residential areas.  Businesses are open.
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18 quick miles from The Ballpark in Arlington is Chef Point Cafe.  I recommend it VERY highly (as do Guy Fieri & Paula Deen).
And, lucky cluck 4 U, the fabled Babe's Chicken Dinner House now has a branch open in Arlington.  It has been featured on many food TV shows (including "The Best Thing I Ever Ate") and Southern Living magazine rated them as having "the best fried chicken in the South".  If fried chicken isn't your thing they also offer many other "comforting" entres including an outrageously tasty pot roast.
Welcome to the Metroplex!
Have fun; go RANGERS!
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Oh, forgot - also fairly near The Ballpark and very easy to get to:  for a great steak or seafood in a nice place  for a reasonable price ---
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Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/07 14:16:54
Don't forget bryce's Cafeteria in texarkana
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Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/07 14:28:42
On the the Dallas Observer City of Ate site there is an article
"On Rangers' Opening Day, a Guide to Pre- and Post-Game Eating and Drinking in Arlington"

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Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/30 13:17:58
Thanks for all the suggestions!  We leave on Thursday and I cannot wait!  Unfortunatly, the Rangers are out of town, so we are just touring the ballpark in that city.  But seeing the park is half of the fun...hopefully we'll get to see a game next time.  This is my first real trip to TX, so I'm looking forward to Tex Mex, BBQ and Steaks! :)
Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/04/30 15:04:09
Be prepared.  You won't see any cowboys.
It's a myth.
Have fun and eat well!
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Just saw this and would like to add a Tex-Mex suggestion for the Dallas area:  Esparza's -- , in Grapevine.
It was several years ago, but I lived in Dallas for a couple of years and this was my favorite Tex-Mex place in a city with a lot of good Tex-Mex restaurants. 
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Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/05/01 12:50:56
Here's a few joints to stop and rest between Memphis and Texarkana. 
For outstanding BBQ stop at Roadside BBQ @ Exit 271 off I 40 In W Memphis, AR. Get off I 40 at Exit 241A/B and go N to Colt, AR on Highway 1.  Take a left on Highway 306 and go to Greg and Jim's for good BBQ. Get off I40 at Exit 241A/B and go S on North Washington Street in Forrest City, AR to The Ole Sawmill Cafe.  It's open for breakfast, lunch or dinner and serves outstanding country food. Get off on the S side of I40 on N Washington and go about 2 blocks to Ole Sawmill Cafe on your right. Get off I 40 at Exit 216 in Brinkley and go to Gene’s for good BBQ.  Craig's BBQ in Devall's Bluff, AR is outstanding. Get off I 40 at Exit 202 and go S to Craig's in De Vall's Bluff, AR. Craig’s may be the best BBQ in AR.  Get off I 40 at Exit 183 at Carlisle, AR on Highway 13 and go S to Nick's BBQ in Carlisle, AR. Get off I 40 at Exit 175 at Lonoke, AR and go S on Highway 31 to E 8th Street and go to Pruett's for good BBQ.
I would not stop in Little Rock, AR unless you just want to. If you need to stop get off I 30 at Exit 133 and go N on Geyser Springs Road to Sim's for good BBQ. At Exit 116 at Benton, AR you will find outstanding road food at Ed & Kay's Restaurant on the N side of I30 for lunch and dinner. On up the road at Arkadelphia, AR you will find good hamburger's at Hamburger Barn or good country food for breakfast or lunch at The Honeycomb Restaurant at Exit 73.
Get off I30 at Exit 1 and go S to Arkansas Blvd. Turn left and go to Big Jakes for outstanding BBQ.  If you want real family country food then get off I30 at Exit 222 in Texarkana, TX and go to Bryce's Cafeteria for the best home cooked food in America. It's just off I30 at Exit 222 and very convenient. Stop at Nana's Diner in New Boston, TX. Get off I30 at Exit 201 on N Center St. and get a good country meal at Nana's which is right off I30. Get Off I30 at Exit 127 on Shannon Road in Sulphur Springs, TX and go to Burton's Family Restaurant for great road food at breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is a typical diner and nothing is fancy about it but the food which is not expensive. It's next to the Best Western and convenient for quick access to I30.
Roadside BBQ @ 196 Arkansas 147, West Memphis, AR 870 - 733 - 9208.
Greg & Jim's Grocery & BBQ  @ Hwy 306, Colt, AR. 870 - 633 - 0541.
The Ole Sawmill Cafe @ 2299 N. Washington St., Forrest City, AR 870 - 630 - 2299.
Craig's BBQ @ Rt. 70, Devalls Bluff, AR. 501 - 998 - 2616.
Gene's Barbecue and Family Restaurant @ 1107 N. Hwy. 17, Brinkley, AR. 870 - 734 - 9965.
Nick's Bar B Que @ Hwy. 13 N., Carlisle, AR. 870 - 552 - 3887.
Pruett's Bar B Que @ 108 E. 8th St., Lonoke, AR. 501 - 676 - 2622.
Sims BBQ @ 7601 Geyer Springs Road, Little Rock, AR 501 - 562 - 8844.
Ed and Kay's Restaurant @ 15228 Interstate 30 N., Benton, AR 501 - 315 - 3663.
Hamburger Barn @ 2813 Pine Street, Arkadelphia, AR 870 - 246 - 5556.
The Honeycomb Restaurant @ 710 Main Street, Arkadelphia, AR 870 - 245 - 2333.
Big Jake's BBQ @ 1521 Arkansas Boulevard, Texarkana, AR 870 - 774 - 0099.
Bryce's Cafeteria @ 2021 Mall Dr., Texarkana, TX 903 - 792 - 1611.
Nana's Family Diner @ 1026 North Center St/, New Boston, TX 903 - 628 - 0700.
Burton's Family Restaurant @ 1505 Shannon Rd E, Sulphur Springs, TX 903 - 885 - 5976.
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There are 2 Mexican Restaurants close to Minute Maid  that I would consider roadfood.   Both within minutes from Ballpark (not walking).  I have only been to these at lunch
since I use to work in Downtown Houston for many years, but haven't been to them in a while.

The Red Door or otherwise known as The Last Concert Cafe at 1403 Nance St Houston TX 77002.    There are no signs unless they have put one up recently.  You have to find the RED DOOR and knock.  Legend has it this use to be a speakeasy so tradition is still in place.   We always ate on Patio area in back where the various stages are.  We use to walk from work because the street parking was full.  But well worth it.   They also have music which you can find schedule on their webpage.
Then there is Irma's Restaurant at 22 N. Chenevert Houston  713-222-0767.  I have not frequented this much.  AND then only for Lunch.  They have No Menu.  They tell you what is available that day.  Lemonade is good.  Reviews are Mixed.  And I know I haven't been there in 10 years or more.  They do not appear to have a website.
There also appears to be an Irma's Southwest Grill close to Ballpark.  I do not know if this has any affiliation with the above but it does appear to have a Menu and closer to downtown.
Have a great time!  I haven't been to Minute Maid (less then 15 minutes from my old stomping grounds.) yet use to frequent the Astrodome regularly. 
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Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/05/01 18:48:57
Here's another great place near The Ballpark in Arlington: .  We went there after seeing it on DDD:  excellent!
Re:Baseball TX Roadtrip 2012/05/01 19:33:46
If you are traveling I-45 between Dallas and Houston in Centerville (exactly in Center between Houston and Dallas) there is Woody's Smokehouse on both sides of Freeway.  It is a great pit stop for BBQ,  different jams and jellies, etc.  They use to have tables inside to the left of the BBQ Order Station.   May I state that BBQ is not my first love in the food category so not sure as to how it would actually rate as far as BBQ goes.  But it is good.
If you need something sweet after leaving Dallas there is always Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana, TX.  about 45 Minutes South of Dallas
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