Past Weekend In Cincinnati

Root-Beer Man
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2012/04/06 13:03:44
Well, as Spring Break break hit the kids decided to go down to KY to visit their grandparents, so we went and dropped them off and took the rest of the day to visit favourite place or two in Cincinnati. First stop, (after visiting a bike shop in Ft. Mitchell) was Terry's Turf Club for lunch. No sense in missing the best burger in flyover country, (if not the whole country). It was a bit after opening, so we had a wait of about 25 minutes or so. The small place was filled to capacity, but our orders were taken quickly and the food arrived in good time. I had a medium rare burger with Gouda and mango curry sauce. This is by far my favourite combo at Terry's. The sauce just accentuates the beefiness of the burger. The only slight drawback this time was that the cheese was almost a bit too thick. It didn't dominate the burger, but it was really there.

My wife had a burger with Stilton and Mango Tequila Jalapeno sauce, done medium. Her burger was great! The jalapeno flavour was not overwhelming and there wasn't a great amount of heat. The Stilton was a good choice with that sauce, too. A great combo. We skipped the fries, this time, since they really weren't anything special the last time. Next time, I think I'll break down and try a bowl of the chili, tho.

After getting stuffed, (I had serious trouble with the last bite, I was so full) we headed over to Moerlein Lager House to meet up with the brewer, who's a friend of my wife's and got a tour of the place. The brewery is really nice and I even got to go through their kitchen and prep areas . Not sure they're big enough to handle the crowds they're going to get when game season starts. Having a limited menu may just help them out, tho. The brewery is relatively new and has been going for about a month so far, so they're still shaking bugs out of the system and getting comfortable with it. They're brewing some of the in house brews, but some are contract brews from a different place. Ask if you care to.
After that is was off to Jungle Jim's for a bit of shopping (mostly beer) and wandering. Sadly, they had no Kosher Coke, but they did have Scandinavian sugar for baking. This weekend we'll stop in after picking up the kids and pick up some Root Beer and Sodas. They even had some Dublin Dr Pepper left on the shelves. I helped them out with that problem.
Re:Past Weekend In Cincinnati 2012/04/06 13:30:44
Those are some nice-looking burgers!  Is TTC easy to get to for someone who's not familiar with the city?
And beer shopping is the best kind of shopping.
Root-Beer Man
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Past Weekend In Cincinnati 2012/04/06 13:49:40

Those are some nice-looking burgers!  Is TTC easy to get to for someone who's not familiar with the city?

And beer shopping is the best kind of shopping.

Yeah, Terry's isn't too hard to find. My wife does the navigating for me using her iPhone map function. Have also used a Tom-Tom in the past. You can get to it pretty easily from downtown Cinci or from 275. It's worth the trip!
Re:Past Weekend In Cincinnati 2012/04/06 16:36:14
I agree that Terry's is NOT a place to be missed.

I love their burgers and the ambience is is as great as the food.
Yes, it is small, and if you go on a weekend, it's going to be packed.

But all the old neon signs, antique beer coolers, and 'stuff' is worth it.
This is not Cracker Barrel type things, but the decor matches the cool vibe.

There are also odd chairs out front where you can enjoy a beer while you wait.

I just wish it wasn't clear on the other side of town from me !