Kitchen Little Moving

2012/04/06 20:14:03
Driving through Mystic this afternoon, I noticed a sign on Kitchen Little saying that they are moving.  A little research found out that their new home will be at the Mystic River Marina on Mason's Island, a short distance from downtown.  Follow Route 1 north and turn right at the first traffic light after Sea Swirl (which is now open for the season, by the way); you'll run into the marina eventually.
 Late April is the date given.  I couldn't tell whether the current location is still operating during the move.
Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Kitchen Little Moving 2012/04/07 20:46:33
Thanks for this news! This is one of my favorite places for breakfast. Hope they don't change much other than the location!
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Kitchen Little Moving 2012/04/08 04:23:40
If the new location is normal size, can they still call themselves Kitchen Little?