Easter and Chocolate Candy Facts!

2012/04/07 19:36:04
Easter Week is one of the most popular times of the year to indulge. Nearly 71 million pounds of chocolate candy are sold in the week leading up to Easter according to a 2009 Nielsen report. Easter is second only to Halloween and more than 20 million more pounds of chocolate are sold during Easter than Valentine’s Day.
These are America’s favorite chocolate candy bar/packages brands:
  1. Snickers- Over 400 MILLION bars sold a year
  2. M&M's - Over 383 MILLION
  3. Reese's - Over 347 MILLION
  4. Hershey's - Over 250 MILLION
  5. Kit Kat's - Over 192 MILLION
So, What's your favorite bar?
The Top 5 total 1.6 BILLION bars/pkgs a year!!!
AND that's just the tip of the iceberg! 
That's a lot of Chocolate! Read the article below
Re:Easter and Chocolate Candy Facts! 2012/04/07 21:55:06
I have a new Easter Bunny this year...that cooks! Woohoo!

This Bunny knows me for a long long time so I think I will get the not-so-usual but delicious Joyva raspberry jells and nonpareils. We shall see.
Re:Easter and Chocolate Candy Facts! 2012/04/11 14:21:07
I'm personally responsible for a lot of those numbers and percentages.
I waffle between Snickers and Dark or light Milky Ways.
For some reason, M&Ms don't taste like they used to. Someone told me that the old recipe had ground peanuts in it, but I don't know that the recipe really changed.
I also love Kit Kats.
I'm not a fan of all the limited time only Kit Kats, but I do try at least one of each.
I tried to contact Hershey to make a Kit Kat with a Malted Milk Ball filling, but contacting them deemed impossible.  That would be a money making winner!