The Best of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Junior Burger
2012/04/08 01:44:17
Lots of people get stuck on the Strip and live on hotel food and buffets...they are very good...but can be pricey.  Some of the better places off the strip where locals eat are much more affordable: 1)  Ventano's Italian, Henderson  $$  best Italian food in town....embarasses Olive Garden; 2)  the new East Coast Eats for seafood, 215 and Valle Verde, incredible value in FRESH seafood  $;  3) Mimi's Cafe, Stephanie Rd and Sunset, American food and great breakfast $$; 4) Chapala's  for Mexican (don't go on Monday!)  $;  5)Metro Pizza, several locations, same owner...butter rich mozzarella and all the fresh Italian bread you can eat (baked continuously), Best in Las Vegas for 12 years $$; 6)  Best reasonably priced buffet - Green Valley Station -dinner is about $15 but besides prime rib (all you can eat) it also features king crab legs (cold or steamed) all you can eat; 7) The Maple Tree, Jones and Spring Mountain, super breakfast/lunch and an incredible BIG Monte Cristo with a fresh fruit cup (get the strawberry jam instead of the syrup!) for about $10.  Good luck if you can eat it all in one sitting  (they close at 3 PM). 
I've lived here since 1954 and it really is very difficult to find a BAD place to eat (it is so competative) but we avoid the strip hotels and casinos (don't like the smoke) and you can truly find some gems in the outlying communities.  These are just some of our favorites.  We hope you get to try one or two of them and report back.
Re:The Best of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada 2012/04/08 19:52:56
i like the blueberry hill diners.