Yet Another Pizza Variation - Uncle Oogies (Phila)

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2012/04/08 21:55:09
Yesterday my wife and I took a day trip to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, near the Philadelphia Airport. Perfect weather.. we did the 3.5 mile loop and we saw a Bald Eagle!
Anyway, I had read some good things on a couple of blogs about Uncle Oogies Pizza, only about 10 minutes away, so that was our dinner stop. Located in a small strip mall in not the best neighborhood (of the 10 cars in the parking lot, 2 of them appeared to be abandoned), inside Oogies it was clean, busy, and just fine.
Thier specialty is a style called an Old Italian Pizza. "Possibly the best pizza on the planet" says the menu. I don't know about that, but it was dam good. Reminded me a little of Long Island's Grandma style of pizza. Square, thin crust.  But this was made with plum tomatoes and no sauce. A large pie (about 16 inches square, 12 slices) and 2 sodas came to about $20, so that was fine. We had enough left over for another meal.
This place flies totally under the radar of the Pizza "experts", other than a couple of food blogs I've never seen a word about it, but The Old Italian Pizza style should be better known. It was that good.
After that, my GPS told me we were only 3 minutes from our backup dinner stop, the South Philly Tap Room. Since we were so close, it was time for a craft beer before heading home:
Excellent taps, but I'm glad we ate at Uncle Oogies.
Re:Yet Another Pizza Variation - Uncle Oogies (Phila) 2012/04/09 08:57:28
Sounds interesting. Any photos?
Re:Yet Another Pizza Variation - Uncle Oogies (Phila) 2012/04/09 09:17:21
Square pizza RULES!
Re:Yet Another Pizza Variation - Uncle Oogies (Phila) 2012/04/09 09:26:56
Hey Ken, Nice find!
I am a big fan of that style of pizza.  The rest of the menu looks really good, and very reasonable.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Yet Another Pizza Variation - Uncle Oogies (Phila) 2012/04/09 16:37:53
<<Sounds interesting. Any photos?
No, but there's a picture of the Old Italian Pie when the website opens (you may have to wait until it scrolls thru a couple of other pictures).
PS: Unlike some website pix I've seen, thier shot of the pizza is not a fluff piece, the Old Italian Pie looks EXACTLY like the picture.
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Re:Yet Another Pizza Variation - Uncle Oogies (Phila) 2012/04/10 07:01:08
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