Loui's Diner in Providence R.I.

2012/04/16 11:35:10
We were checking out colleges for my son last week and while in Providence, looking at Brown, heard about Loui's a short 2 minute walk from Brown. We checked it out. Very small, it's been there since Loui opened it after World War II. A cook,using many of his army recipes,he started this place.
    Today, his descendents run the place. I had a delicious Chicken cutlet sandwich and my wife and daughter, a huge, Eggplant parm. that their smiles showed how good it was. My son opted for a burger and fries. We waited a little for a seat...but it was worth it.
    Seeing Guy Fieri's picture on the wall,we were told he was there...and loved the place. Among the dishes sampled was one I almost got: the homemade Granola pancakes.
    Anyone know of this place? As we may be going back, what dishes might you recommend? The barbecue chicken Ravioli also look great. Illl search for the Diner's drive in's and dives episode andst it below.
Re:Loui's Diner in Providence R.I. 2012/04/16 11:40:37
Here's the Diner's Drive ins and dives segment.
Again, I'd be curious if any of my fellow roadfooders have been here, and what meals they had, or recommend. If you haven't, and are ever in the area, while it's small, it's a piece of Americana!
Re:Loui's Diner in Providence R.I. 2012/04/16 12:46:00
Walked by it many times. Never been there, however it has been there forever