Propane vs CNG

Junior Burger
2012/04/16 19:11:22
I have my cash finally to start buying a truck to build out.  I am putting together all of my costs.  One thing I am trying to decide on is LP vs CNG.  LP tanks are WAAAYYYY cheaper than a CNG tank, but if I go with LP most likely I will end up having to convert all of the equipment to run on propane.  It looks like the costs will come near even between the two.   My question is:  Does anyone here have any experience using CNG on a food truck ?  Everyone's thoughts on the subject even if you don't have experience with it is also welcome.  The other thing I am thinking is that CNG would be nice if I can eventually convert the engine to run on CNG.  A company here in town is currently installing a CNG pump with 24 hour card access for self service so I know it will be available locally. 
Thanks in advance for your input.
Re:Propane vs CNG 2012/04/17 14:28:55
I think most use the LP because CNG is not too available in most area's.
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Re:Propane vs CNG 2012/10/18 01:45:33
Bumping an old thread.  Anybody have any new info on this?  I have several CNG stations around my area which are selling a gallon equivalent at about $1.86.  Would it be worth it to convert a system from LP to CNG?  I know the tanks are considerably more expensive.  But I am thinking that LP goes for for around $2.50 gallon.  Not sure on the price but I am pretty sure it is over $2.00