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Filet Mignon
2012/04/18 10:23:52
I bought a new computer in early March. Prior to this I used Kodak software to download from my two Kodak cameras but I always hated the software that came with it because it was so difficult to track down and retrieve exactly where my photos were. A friend helped my transfer files between my old and new computer so when we got to my massive lump of photos he suggested just using Windows to download and create files that I can label and sort easily. No problem now downloading and finding things BUT, if I send something by email to someone it comes out small. If they try to blow it up, the resolution falls apart. Where can I control sizing or is there something better. I know I can use outside places like Photobucket or Picasa but I'd rather store to my hard drive and then to my back up hard drive. I forgot to add that I now have Windows 7 which I know nothing about. I found out that if I open a photo it gives me resolution options but I then have to go to control panel/user account/ mail but when I get to mail, I don't understand who i need to enter for profile. I realize that should be me, but I have no idea where my profile is.
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The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Photo albums 2012/04/18 17:02:21
Download the Picasa program - everything is stored on your computer. I use it - and I love it. You have the option of syncing with your online account, but you don't have to upload every photo.