King Tower Cafe (Tama IA) reopening?

2012/04/20 15:21:15
Apparently the King Tower Cafe in Tama, Iowa, which closed last summer, might be reopening.
Does anyone have any memories of eating there?  I've driven past several times over the years and it was starting to look a little worn, so hopefully it's being spruced up.
Is it mentioned in any of the Roadfood books?
Re:King Tower Cafe (Tama IA) reopening? 2012/04/20 15:48:36
I have been there before and have been unimpressed. The local restaurant scene in small towns with casino's is usually bleak. The casino's take the money from patrons before they go out to eat, then undersell food below costs in their own restaurants.
The Trojan Inn in Toledo, just north of Tama, just had its 50th year in business. It was written up in the C.R. Gazette recently. But it not  anything to get too excited about.
Junior Burger
Re:King Tower Cafe (Tama IA) reopening? 2012/09/02 16:33:51
Yes, went there this past July 6th, with 52 people and had a very nice time.  Fish night was excellent.