Market Street Fountain in Kingston Tennessee - Crazy Good Hot Dogs, Diner Food & Ice Cream

Junior Burger
2012/04/25 17:58:54
Hello!  If you are ever close to Kingston, Tennessee (30 miles west of Knoxville on I-40) you gotta try out this diner/ice cream shop called Market Street Fountain.  They have a fantastic hot dog menu (Nathans 100% Beef) with about 40 different hot dogs prepared with all kinds of awesome toppings as well as some smoked sausages.  There's so many good ones to have only one favorite but I am partial to the following (as described on their menu): "LA Street Dog (bacon, grilled peppers & onions, tomato, jalepenos, etc)", "Reuben Dog", "Dusty Dog (Beer soaked smoked sausage, grilled onions, sauerkraut, etc)", "Sunrise Dog (fried egg, bacon, tomato, cream cheese)" and "Tijuana Dog (Cholula Sauce, corn, black beans, jalepenos, tomato, onions, cheese, corn chips)".  This a very cool restaurant with a nice atmosphere (think 1940s soda fountain) they also have a lot of other great food on their menu such as steamed subs, grilled sandwiches, BBQ, salads, soups, and of course delicious ice cream treats.  You can also check out their website at
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