~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ...

Filet Mignon
2012/04/26 11:06:49
The Beach Boys - "That's Why God Made the Radio"
... if you listen closely, you can hear the squeak of their wheelchairs and walkers.
 ... you'd have to listen much more closely for any harmonies.
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/26 11:48:19
Doesn't sound bad to me, sounds kinda nice, IMHO!
Filet Mignon
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/26 12:19:38
I know.  I agree.  It was too much of a temptation to pass on delivering the sarcasm.
However ... last time I saw them in concert ... at least 10 years ago, their harmonies sounded  more like a cat fight.
I saw Brian Wilson by himself a few years ago here in town and the show was superb ... he survived the night, buried in others harmonies.  My date pointed out that all he did was lean on the keyboard ... in watching him, he just about NEVER touched it.
Filet Mignon
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/26 12:21:14
And actually ... I am a major champion of RADIO ... especially in this day of Internet, steaming, Pandoras, iHeartRadio's, etc.
If anybody is interested in my RADIO MUSINGS: http://GreggsRadioDaze.com
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Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/26 13:49:57
I am sure they don't have the 'smoothness' they had back in the 1960's, but I still enjoy the surfin' R & R  ! The Beach Boy's and Kingston Trio and Jan and Dean and to a lessor extent the Every Brothers were the backbone of "My Music" back in those days. I even chose them over Elvis and Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis (most of the time)
Growing up in the South Bay area of LA brought about a close link to the B Boys who lived in nearby neighborhoods.
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Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/26 16:11:29
I saw them a couple of times in the early '70's, when Bruce Johnston replaced Brian for the live shows. That band I would rate as one of the top five live bands I've ever had the pleasure of seeing.
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/26 16:29:02
I thought they tried a little too hard; it was over-produced, but still pleasant. 
I last saw them back in the 1980's on the tour where they were billed as Chicago's "opening act".  They soon became the headliners.  At the concert I saw at the Cap Center in Landover, MD (WDC) a third of the 20,000 or so went home when the Beach Boys were finished, before Chicago came on.
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/27 04:19:11
Notice how well dressed and well behaved we were!!!!!
What the Hell happened?????
Rock 'n roll is here to stay, it will never die
BTW: The Boys kicked off their 50th Anniversary, 56 city, 5 month tour in Tucson last night to very good reviews
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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/28 21:54:14
Hello all ,
Seen the Beach Boys over 100 times in many variations .  It is fantastic that they are back together but they have all used great backing bands for many yrs .
The Beach Boys have been licensed by Mike  Love for many yrs . Bruce Johnston and occasionally David Marks will tour with them with a great back up band who "hit " the notes .
Brian Wilson has been backed by The Wondermints band for many yrs , former BB Band member Jeffrey Fosket has  been the main guy with Brian . He does not play the keyboards at many shows but uses it as he feels comfortable sitting behind it .
Al Jardine has toured as Beach Boy Family and Friends for a few yrrs until he was sued  by Mike who had licensed the name , you get the idea there has been a lot of that going on with these guys .
Five top  Beach Boy Shows I attended
1) 4th of July 1983 on the beach in Atlantic City - one of the last shows with all five original members as Dennis died at end of yr . Followed them entire summer on the East Coast spending my college tuition money (:
2) 4th of July  1984  Washington Monument DC - over 1 million of us , I can be seen on a HBO concert footage right up front in crowd. And Ringo Starr on drums  with  America jamming and Julio Engliasis as well .
3) Brian Wilson comeback Tour June 1998 - Beacon Theatre NYC - Was sitting right behind Ronnie Spector , 15 standing ovations as Brian returned to touring , and I scored a bootleg video of show as well , very rare .
4) Great Adventure summer of 83 - Two shows snagged front row standing for both , after first cleared they let us stay as we were waiting all day to get in . Firefall opened for them and were at the top of the game . Dennis who was a mess threw a beer can "Budweiser " that I tried to snatch , my buddy did and cut his hand , blead  pretty bad but he would not give up the spot or the can . He still has it .
5) Hartford Civic Center 1981 - First show 2nd row center , all the originals , almost got tossed out when i started surfing on the seats during Surfin USA , hahahahaha .
So Im very happy to see they have overcome their differences and will surely be rewarded with nice paydays .
Enjoy the music  I will in Bethel Woods and possibly a few other spots  in june
Love and Mercy
Filet Mignon
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/29 10:41:20
They were just on CBS Sunday Morning,  the excellent TV magazine show, hosted by Charles Kuralt.
Someone just observed that their harmonies sound  more like creaking doors ... yet, I'm gonna check the schedule to see if they are coming anywhere near me on their tour.
I'm sure they will have a big enough touring company that they can pay people to hit the notes for them in the background.
I wonder how the Beatles would sound this year ???
In retrospect, I guess I'm glad we can know ... yet BB's = 3 out of 5 today, the B's would be 2 out of 4 ... minute math differences and major technical differences.
Filet Mignon
Re:~ Ugh: The Beach Boys ... They're back ... 2012/04/29 11:32:05
I didn't like the song.
I'm sort of mixed on The Beach Boys; I am blown away by their best stuff, but I also think a lot of what they did was either pedestrian or repetitive. Of course you could say that about many acts; for me, the divide between the best and the worst is greater for The Beach Boys.