Strawberry Moonpie Cupcake

2012/04/29 09:54:31
There is a local bakery that has obtained the license to officially call these Moon Pie cupcakes.
Some friends got me a strawberry one for my birthday.

There was plenty of strawberry frosting, a drizzling of marshmallow creme, and topped with a piece of actual Moon Pie.

I tore the bottom half of the cupcake off and found there to be a larger piece of Moon Pie baked into the cupcake.

I felt something needed to compliment the strawberry flavor, so I added some Nutella. Chocolate and strawberires do go together I think.

Just a spoonful on the bottom half.

A trick I saw watching Cake Boss was to invert the bottom part of the cupcake onto the top.  With all that frosting on top, you get a more proportioned bite of the parts making up the cupcake.
I know I did not eat this cupcake as intended because I added the Nutella. But I did taste the cake and frosting parts by themselves. It did not taste different from any other strawberry cupcake. And it broke apart very easily, not very firm. I think they added the graham cracker component of the Moon Pie to the frosting. The frosting tasted much more like a Moon Pie than the cake part did. The marshmallow helped alot with that.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Strawberry Moonpie Cupcake 2012/05/03 15:04:42
That puppy looks mighty tasty.
Re:Strawberry Moonpie Cupcake 2012/05/12 20:30:12
Very nice!

I didn't know what to do with some Strawberry boxed cake mix recently and my Mother told me to mix it with a can of ginger ale to make cupcakes. It was excellent.

I will share that trick with the Cake Boss and see if it can make it to a show sans the mix.
Junior Burger
Re:Strawberry Moonpie Cupcake 2012/10/13 06:18:51
I just got hungry looking at those pictures. Very Nice!