Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD

Filet Mignon
2012/04/29 14:24:52
I have been traveling for much of the month of April. I have not had a chance to do any reports but will start with my latest one first. I received much useful information from !95 and he is "spot on" for suggestion on where to eat. My friend took me on a three day get-a-way to Ocean fun trip before my major eye surgery on May 1. (I am so dreading the two week face down recovery period).

We had breakfast at Holly's in Grasonville, MD. I love this folksy place. Stephen had his usual chipped beef and gravy over toast and declared it to be as good as usual. I had poached eggs, rye toast and sausage. Everything was very good with excellent service. We then drove on to Ocean City, MD. Our first stop was for a lunch of Thrasher's french fires, on the Boardwalk.. We had decided that we would do all the "tourist spots" this trip, and it was a fun stop. We ordered our French fries (small cup, as they get soggy), poured on the malt vinegar and stood there enjoying them. in the rain! We then headed for our hotel. Our suite was beautiful. We had a large living room, a fully equipped kitchen (we never went near it) and a wonderful huge bedroom (with Jacuzzi) and balcony, overlooking the out door pools and hot tub and kiddie swim area and best of all, the ocean..
That evening, we ate at I had excellent fried oysters and Stephen had the crab imperial which was as good as any that I have ever had. The entertainment was super and it was fun to watch the ducks swimming around outside our window. We drove up the "strip" and then ended up at Dumsers for a coffee hot fudge sundae with coconut chips. It was terrific but we could not finish!
The next morning, we had a late breakfast at Dumsers. Dumsers is a local favorite and their ice cream is excellent but my breakfast disappointed me. My friend had scrambled eggs,, some outstanding sausage, and home fries. His "regular size" orange juice was huge! I had scrapple and home fries. I cannot understand how a restaurant will serve cold food but our home fries were.Tthe perfectly fried slice of scrapple made up for it. It was hot and delicious.
We headed north to Rehoboth Beach. After a walk on the boardwalk, we headed to for some caramel corn. This is a famous stop for great popcorn. I bought a three pound tin to take home to the kids. We did a little shopping and back to the hotel and into the Jacuzzi. Our dinner that evening was at Nantucket on Fenwick Island. I loved it there. We enjoyed a cocktail in the tap room and then sat down for dinner. For a started, Stephen chose the Quahog and scallop "chowdah". Why can't people use the word chowder? It is bad enough that some people think it is cute to pronounce it that way but to have it printed that way on the menu is dumb. I had they oysters Rockefeller and they were really wonderful.. For my entree, I really enjoyed the soft shell crabs and Stephen had sauteed jumbo scallops. The service was outstanding and our meals were perfect. We were smart enough not to have ice cream on the way back to hotel.
We had breakfast at Laytons the next morning. My friend had chipped beef on toast and home fries. and I had half of a egg and sausage sandwich. I was saving my appetite for something else! Yes, it was donut time and what a hard choice it was as to which one to get. I finally decided on a white frosted and coconut topped donut. That donut was of the best donuts that I had ever eaten. After I finished it, I was bemoaning the fact that I could not eat another when along came a gal with a large tray of cut donut samples. I could not resist. I forgot what two of them were but the one with blueberry topping was outstanding. I already had my mind made up that we would have breakfast here again tomorrow on our way out of town.
We drove over to the casino. I did not even realize that they had one in Ocean City. We had a fun time and after coming out a few dollars ahead, we headed back to hotel and wento out on the boardwalk for a  hike. The hike was short as it was very windy.
For dinner, we decided to go to a place that Stephen had been to many times and really liked it there. I had enough seafood for a day or two so agreed to go there. The bar  was very nice and our cocktails were excellent. We barely had time to take a sip when our table for dinner was ready. I decided to order their prime rib which they advertise as being famous for (as well as their ribs). I ordered my meat medium rare. Stephen ordered London broil and ordered it medium. Our dinners arrived. I took one look at that gray-looking piece of meat and said to the waiter "I am certain that is is too well done". He assured me that it would be perfect and asked me to cut into it. There was barely a trace of pink; let alone any red. I asked him to bring me a rare serving and if not possible, to bring me a half rack of ribs. In the meantime, Stephen was laughing because his meat was cooked perfectly. My ribs arrived and they turned out to be delicious. They were very moist and  barely any sauce which was perfect for me.The baked potato was good; the cole slaw was excellent.The rolls were nice and hot and we really enjoyed our meal. I think we had the most unfriendly waiter in the restaurant but decided that her girl friend stood him up the previous evening.
Saturday morning, we checked out of hotel and had breakfast at Laytons on 16th Street again. Stephen had the chopped beef (as the day before) and I went with eggs benedict. They were delicious. I did not order a donut. I knew enough this time to wait for the sample tray. After we picked a couple of samples each, it was time for decision to be made. How many should I buy to take home? What kind? I finally decided on a half dozen Bavarian creams, a half dozen of crullers and a dozen assorted. It was a sweet end for a wonderful stay in Ocean City.

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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/04/30 12:43:00
Terrific report. Sounds like a good time. And creamed chipped beef? Breakfast doesn't get any better than that.
Filet Mignon
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/04/30 13:07:55
I would love to find a restaurant that served creamed chipped beef. Nice report Greymo!
Treetop Tom
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/04/30 13:38:48
Has your friend tried the CCB at General's Kitchen at 74th and Ocean Highway in Ocean City?  It's as good as I've had from a restaurant.  Long lines during the season, but they move folks in and out pretty quickly.  Definitely worth the wait.
Filet Mignon
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/04/30 15:06:29
My freind mentioned the chipped beef at The General's Kitchen as being about the best.  He wanted to go there for breakfast one morning butthey were still closed for the season.  However, I think he thought that the chipped beef at Laytons was just as good!  His actual words were "This is just wonderful.  You should taste it."
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/05/01 14:15:34
What an excellent series of stops that you made.  It sounds like you were really enjoying yourself.  Coffee hot fudge sundae with coconut chips?  Wow!
Thanks so much for the report.
Best of luck to you today with the eye surgery and I hope the recovery is quick and painless.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/05/03 10:18:06
Greymo, do you recall if there was ketchup at Thrasher's?  They've never had it in the past, only the vinegar, but my wife's friend swore they had ketchup last summer.  And they finally got malt vinegar? it used to be only cider vinegar. 
Treetop Tom
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/05/03 12:35:20

Greymo, do you recall if there was ketchup at Thrasher's?  They've never had it in the past, only the vinegar, but my wife's friend swore they had ketchup last summer.  And they finally got malt vinegar? it used to be only cider vinegar. 

I can't help but think we would've felt a shift in the cosmic fabric if Thrasher's suddenly started offering ketchup.  When I was at the stand at the pier last fall they had salt, Old Bay, cider vinegar and malt vinegar but definitely still no ketchup.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Mini vacation in Ocean City, MD 2012/05/05 18:34:49
Although you may not be reading this for a while, I hope your eye surgery went well and thanks for the rport.  I just wish the Nantucket had fried clams..but in a pinch a fried oyster can bring a smile to these lips