Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA

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2012/05/05 21:20:51
Hey everybody,
     Driving from Albany to Strasburg with the pack, 3 kids(4, 2.5, and 1). Going to go through Binghamton, to Scraton and then down to Strasburg. The kids LOVE trains so we are going to do a train road trip. Any place that I should definitely go to for some awesome eats?  I love diner types, nothing to fancy, the 3 kids are good but you never know!
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/05 22:56:26
You must eat in Deinners on Rt. 30...about 5 minutes from the strasburg railroad. It's a locval hot cooked by mennonites and Amish......It's a great all you can eat buffet....but class!!!
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/05 22:58:31
Here's their website!
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/06 03:49:59
If you're going thru Lancaster, The Central Market in Downtown Lancaster is open Tues, Fri & Sat.
It's the Country's Oldest Farmers Market!
Pick up some good home-made stuff, breads, cheese, lunchmeat, desserts and have a little picnic with the kids!
And don't forget to get Some Horseradish, Soft Pretzels and Lebanon Bologna!!!
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Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/06 07:53:15
Two kid friendly choices in Lancaster County.
1. Isaacs. A small  sandwich shop chain with a good kids menu. There is one in Strasburg, in the Choo Choo Barn complex (your kids will love Choo Choo Barn)
2 Oregon Dairy Family Restaurant, just off 222 NE of Lancaster. A very good non-touristy Pa Dutch Restaurant Kids get goody bags. There is an LGB sized train that runs around the restaurant, on a track mounted just under the ceiling. Very good ice cream, which they make themselves from milk from their adjacent farm.
Have fun, Lancaster County is a great kids destination.
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Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/08 07:20:26
Deinners was AWESOME, everyone loved it, even the kids!!! They tore up the meatloaf with the promise of the dessert table. leethebard, thanks for the recommendation. I think we are going to try to hit the Lancaster Market today, and then Oregon Dairy Family Restaurant tomorrow.  There is a ton of train things to do here and it is ultra kid friendly, so far so good!! Any more recommendations? I think today we are going to have the hobo lunch on the Strasburg R.R.
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/08 11:55:14
Another place to try is Shady Maple in East Earl, PA -- .  They have a mix of standard food items and PA. Dutch (e.g., baked lima beans, dried corn, shoofly pie etc.).  It is buffet only, in a very large facility.  It is part of a shopping complex that also has a garden/nursery, food market, and dry goods store.  I have never been there for dinner, but have had breakfast and lunch.  There are enough options available that everyone should be able to find something they like.
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Thanks Everyone 2012/05/10 20:55:15
Well thanks to all you guys with the good spots. It was great, by far Dienner's was the favorite of the bunch. We did make it to the Lancaster market and loved it. And yes I did pick up the horseradish, Lebanon Bologna, and soft pretzels, in addition to a gyro, a couple tacos and a bunch of Turkey sticks!! We tried to stop by Issacs but they were closed. And never got a chance to go to Oregon Dairy Family Restaurant, we'll have to hit them next year. Seeing as all the boys loved the trip there will be a 2nd annual. We didn't have time to eat at Miller's which got good reviews but did try two other places- Pizza City was great- I grabbed a couple slices one night and everyone was happy- Sicilian was good, all had great crust. We also tried the Bird-in-Hand restaurant, it was HORRIBLE. Everything tasted like it was poured out of a can and just had off taste. My littles guys who love mac and cheese and meatloaf weren't eating and I tasted there food and I didn't blame them, It was 100% crap tasting. It's not even getting my usual 2nd chance. STAY AWAY, gross food
Thanks again to everyone.
Re:Thanks Everyone 2012/05/11 05:07:18
Glad you liked Dienner's. We love it and eat there every few months when we go to Amish Country. We go regularly.It's our go to spot to get away from the rigors of daily life. Beautiful and peaceful. After going for 10 years or so, learned of Dienners through Amish friends. It's where the locals food of ots type in the area,
     Glad to hear there's a second trip in the works. Please ask for ideas when you're ready. So much to do for the family there. If you're ever there on a Thursday, you should check out the Green Dragon Farmers Market....Gigantic and crazy!!!,
      Again, so glad you liked Dienners. Hoped you tried their Lima Beans....My favorite.
Re:Thanks Everyone 2012/05/11 06:10:48
First, an important correction to Lee's post- Green Dragon Market is open FRIDAYS ONLY.
For your second trip avoid Millers. Okay quality but overpriced. Agree with you on Bird In Hand Restaurant.
Shady Maple (reccomended by others) is worth going mostly for the experience. Food is decent and fairly priced, but the main attaction is the efficency with which they move thousands of people through their giant buffet.
Finally, if you come later next time be sure to go to Cherry Crest Asventure maze (closed for your trip) While your kids are too young for the corn maze, there arde many activities for younger kids. Your kids are also the right age for Dutch Wonderland.
 Glad you enjoyed Lancaster County.
Re:Thanks Everyone 2012/05/11 16:49:35
Thanks Brookquarry...Yes,Green Dragon IS open only on Fridays, but worth building a day around....I second everything else...except I'd also say try Miller's once...all you can eat shrimp i9s worth it, alone.
Re:Thanks Everyone 2012/05/11 17:13:07
...and I might add that,if you try Miller's, and it's worth trying once(I think the kids would have fun) there are discount coupons in most free Lancaster  Amish tourist newspapers,flyers, and magazines, which make the experience well worth it. When we spend 3-4 days there,several times a year, we always include one night at Millers.Some hotels,like the Amish view on 340 also have coupons. The Buffet is extensive,good quality, and the peel your own shrimp in three flavors makes it a bargain in my book...Desserts are extensive, and the Chocolate-pecan pie is special. I ship them as gifts to family on the west coast.
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Re:Thanks Everyone 2012/05/13 12:35:20
As I've written several times, my wife and I used to make annual trips to Lancaster. On one of the first trips we made, we had lunch at this little luncheonette, and loved it. We always went back there, even as it added a buffet, and took over stores next to it, watching it expand to four times its original size, with never a reduction in quality. The place, of course is Dienners. We're glad to know the place is every bit as good as when it was a little luncheonette.
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/16 13:45:46
I love Pizza City in Strasburg.  Nothing too special but the pizza is pretty good.  A regular local joint, the epitome of roadfood. Everyone from businessmen to workmen to single moms rubbing elbows at the very utilitarian tables.
Of course from Albany probably plenty of good places for Pizza but for people from down south, the midwest, etc, maybe not so much.  I really liked their sicilian pizza , and I generally dont like thick crust pizza.  I got slices of each type and they heat them in the oven at lunch time.
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/16 14:02:49
Miller's.....Don't Do It!
Here is a review I posted on Yelp:
I was at Miller's about 20 years ago, and remembered the food, especially the meats being top notch.  Ham and beef that was so tender it cut with a fork.  Well, a lot has changed in 20 years.

The carving station was offering turkey and sirloin.  The turkey was so dry, it crumbled into chunks instead of slicing.  And the beef, marked as sirloin, was actually a bottom round roast.  Tough and fatty are the best words to describe it.  Serving these meats was nothing less than shameful.  

The salad bar and appetizer bar are best described as boring.  Basic salad ingredients, bottled dressings, tiny cold shrimp, etc.  The one PA Dutch item, the pickled slaw, was way too sweet.

The best item on the hot food bar was the fried chicken.  Everything else looked and tasted processed.  The soup bar was very good.  But not good enough to lift the dining experience above one star.  Especially with a $23.00 price tag.

If you are looking for an authentic PA Dutch meal, drive right past Millers.
Best place to stay....

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Lancaster

2400 Willow Street Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602

The only hotel around with a bar(dry part of the county), and fantastic food!  
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Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/16 23:11:53
Love the Amish View Hotel on Rt. 340. Right in the center of everything...Pretty country, and great rooms....and one delux breakfast included...Yes, no bar....but I'd give that up for the convenience and quality!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Need some spots from Albany, NY to Strasburg, PA 2012/05/16 23:46:00
in Scranton, try the Coney Island Lunch for one of the better Texas Weiners around - and make sure you go to the original one, which is on Lackawanna Ave, NOT  the other which claims it is the original, even though it is at the original location. Confused? Try the original family's website: for an explaination.