Going to Chicago--

2012/05/07 20:29:54
I am going to Chicago in late June. I am staying downtown. Is it worth the drive/train ride to go to Mr. Beef/Superdog. Or can You suggest another optioin that is worth my time and effort.
Re:Going to Chicago-- 2012/05/07 22:58:38
If you're staying downtown, Mr. Beef and Al's are both an easy cab or bus ride; no need to get on a train.
While it is an iconic drive-in, and serves a decent product, Superdawg is not worth the effort from downtown. There are plenty of worthwhile Hot Dog joints much closer and serving an excellent CSD.  I've listed a few below.
Fast Track
629 W. Lake St.
Chicago IL
(312) 993-9300
Gold Coast Dogs
159 North Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL
(312) 917-1677

The Wiener Circle
2622 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL
(773) 477-7444

Hot Doug's
3324 North California Avenue
Chicago IL
(773) 279-9550

Chicago's Dog House
816 W. Fullerton
Chicago, IL
(773) 248-3647

And these are just the highlights.  There are dozens--maybe hundreds--more if you just get out of the immediate downtown area and walk around a little bit.