Birth Control Pill gives Birth to a New Restaurant Category

2012/05/09 03:49:50
An interesting observation from Tom Fitzmorris of
"On this date in 1960, the Food and Drug Administration approved sale of the birth control pill. That changed many things, among which was the restaurant business. Dating suddenly became much more urgent. People who might not have had a particularly deep interest in fine dining started going out to dinner more often, to get the ball rolling. What came of that was a new category of restaurant with an interesting environment but unchallenging food. Burgers, even. It gave birth to the category that stretches now from TGI Friday's to Houston's."
My Observation:
Never thought about it that way but Ya, I can see that happening.
Singles become more liberated, need a place to meet and interact socially----WALLA!!!-- TheCasual Dining places like "Fern Bars" come on the scene.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Birth Control Pill gives Birth to a New Restaurant Category 2012/05/09 12:16:11
I suppose this gives a new dimension to the meaning to being "wined and dined". Fifty two years of "desert progeny" and Margaret Sanger's After Dinner Mints. This now after hearing the unofficial history behind Altoids rise from obscurity by the same generation.
Edit: F'bme, you're actually very correct. That was exactly the genisis behind the creation of TGIF. A safe and comfortable place that single, independent women living alone in apartments for the first time would feel comfortable attending alone or in groups that would be socially acceptable.  At the time only "professional women" would frequent a tavern occupied mostly by men.
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