Primo Hoagies in Langhorne, PA

Junior Burger
2012/05/09 23:46:12
Guys, I'm new here, and just learned about this site (which is AWESOME BTW).
Last week I moved to Langhorne, PA from Texas.  I am starting graduate school at Temple University and always been a foodie, especially BBQ.  Well, after deciding on schools, I found out that Philly is known (culinarily) for a few things:  Cheese steaks, hoagies, and soft pretzels.
I had to try them all! 
I moved to Langhorne, PA, just outside of Philly and in the past week visited a number of pizza and sandwich shops.  I really like your hoagies, but tonight I found a place that seems better than the rest!  PRIMO HOAGIES!  I took my niece to the mall and afterwards, when leaving, saw a sign for Primo Hoagies.  I stopped in (it is located across from Sesame Place which my niece is BEGGING me to take her) and was overwhelmed by the menu!  I went to a couple of other sandwich shops and they all had both cheese steaks and hoagies on the menu.  This place only had hoagies and "Italian" sandwiches.
I walked in and there was a guy at the front counter focused on a baseball game.  I learned that he was the owner and a DIE HARD Phillies fan.  I came in and started reading the menu.  He greeted me at first, but didn't harass me as I looked at the menu board on the wall.  After about three minutes the guy behind the counter came out and stood next to me and said, "Pretty big, huh?  First time here?"  I told him that I was from Texas and yes, it was my first time here.  He asked me if he could help me with my selection?  I said, "sure!" 
He asked me what I liked and disliked.  I told him I wanted an Italian Hoagie, and he siad, well, we have a few to choose from. 
A few?  Every other place has ONE Italian Hoagie, and this had a few? 
Ok, so I listened...
He told me about the different sandwiches they make and how everything is cut fresh to each order.  Huh?  He said that all other places have pre-cut meats and cheeses.  We cut each sandwich a customer orders at the time of ordering, he said.
After talking with him, I decided on his personal favorite, the Old Italian.  Which I can say is the BEST sandwich I ever ate!  It have dry Capicola Ham, Sharp Provolone Cheese and A LOT of Proscuitto ham!  I added Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and, per Paul's order, "Oil and a little Vinegar", it was AWESOME!
As I was eating it, (My niece had a Ham and cheese), he told me that he old buys half baked rolls from their supplier so he can bake them fresh throughout the day so everyone gets a quality product.  He said most of the other sandwich shops serve bread that was baked the night before, and by the time you get a sandwich at the time I ordered one, the bread is a weapon: hard and dry.  This sandwich was AWESOME!
So, if you find yourself crossing a Primo Hoagies shop, check it out.  I was told it's a franchise so no matter wear you go, you'll get a great meal.  If not, at least the shop in Langhorne was awesome!