First post and first trailer build

Junior Burger
2012/05/16 20:27:44
First of all thanks to all of you who post ideas and builds....I hope that I can return the knowledge someday.  I purchased a used trailer 6 months ago and have been re- working it whenever time allows.  My first question is with the gas line and regulator.  I have 3/4" pipe throughout and the 2 burner griddle, 2 burner grill and 4 burner stove all have regulators.  My 115,00 btu fryer has 3/4" pipe but no regulator.  The manufacturer said just to use a step down or 2 stage regulator at the tank.  All of the propane dealers in my area do not deal with this or do not want to.  My question is which 2 stage regulator do I need and what does that do to the other regulators.  Also....maybe  a dumb question but if the fryer is first in line, what keeps it from starving appliances down the line.  I will have a 100 lb tank and 3/4'' line from regulator...thanks in advance  Mike
Re:First post and first trailer build 2012/05/17 17:43:09
Hello Eman welcome to roadfood, I am not a professional by any means ( other than cooking ) so I can not answer your question ( don't want to give you wrong info ) I contacted several RV stores and have been sold RV's more times than I can count because I go back to them often to get "intell" intention to buy but I am learning off their systems on how things work... you might try to visit one in your area if it's not to far away.
Also do a search here for propane, gas lines, propane lines, etc. and see what you come up with I have ran across several articles here about the subject and many of the builds do have pics of their line runs.
Best of luck can't wait to see your build underway.
Re:First post and first trailer build 2012/05/17 17:53:48