"HUNGRY" food videos goes live on YouTube July 2

Filet Mignon
2012/05/17 00:05:31
An interesting concept courtesy of Google, almost like a cooking channel on the internet.  See the article here:
Re:"HUNGRY" food videos goes live on YouTube July 2 2012/05/17 03:58:53
Unbelievable how fast Technology is changing everything we thought would be around forever like television and land-line telephones and classroom schooling. 70% of my granddaughters ASU College courses this semester were on line.
Of the 7 gadgets that changed the world, several of them may go the way of the Dinosours!
7. The Printing Press
6. The Point & Shoot Camera
5. Radio
4. TV
3. The PC
2. Smartphones
1. E-Readers
Guess which ones will go!
Oh, And I'm adding one:
1A. Gasoline powered automobile engines!!! Probably not in my lifetime but you youngsters, like WJ, may see it!
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