ARCTIC AIR Refrigerators- Any Experience?

Junior Burger
2012/05/17 10:23:49
I need another 2 door refrigerator for a catering kitchen type trailer (heat and serve) that I'm accumulating equipment for.  My current kitchen trailer has a 2 door True unit which has been fairly good other than rusting screws on an upgraded "all stainless" unit and a bad thermostat.  I just saw that Arctic Air now makes a 2 door and it's about $1000 less than the True.  Anyone have any experience with Arctic Air?
Junior Burger
Re:ARCTIC AIR Refrigerators- Any Experience? 2012/05/21 10:45:38
Hi Evan:
I bought a used single door ArcticAir in great condition, almost like new, about 6 months ago.  Plugged it in and its been going great ever since.  I can't remember if I paid $300 or $400, but either way!!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:ARCTIC AIR Refrigerators- Any Experience? 2012/05/21 10:55:43
There's something wrong with the true fridges. I have a two door that's not quite three years old and have replaced the thermostat twice.
Junior Burger
Re:ARCTIC AIR Refrigerators- Any Experience? 2012/05/30 14:25:30
Well, I talked to the local restaurant equipment supplier that is running a spring special on the Artic Air 2 door at $1718 but they did not recommend the unit due to door seal failure issues plus they wanted $225 for freight since they do not have the unit in stock.  They were trying to sell me a Fagor unit at $500 more than the Arctic Air but without any freight charge  since the Fagor was in stock.
Bait and Switch?
I think I'll stick with an online supplier.