Anybody wanna run resturant business ?

Ineo Daisy
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2012/05/19 11:51:07
Hello All,
I hope through this platform, all of us are able to find what we need and what we want.
I am the new comer here from China !! My name is Daisy ..
If anyone here bought some kitchen equipment from China before ? If so , how do you think of chinese product or have you even thought of doing business with Chinese ?
Some of you may feel bored if I just make a detailed introduction about our company. So I won't instill any thing into your mind if you are not interested in .
If anyone who is interested in kitchen equipment, leave your message or contact me freely .
E-mail :
Msn :
Skype : ineo.daisy
Thanks & Best regards
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Re:Anybody wanna run resturant business ? 2012/05/19 12:10:43
Ineo Daisy
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Re:Anybody wanna run resturant business ? 2012/05/19 12:19:29
Why laugh ? Am I silly ? Lol..
Unable to show website,email and msn.. confusing ....
Re:Anybody wanna run resturant business ? 2012/05/20 00:43:40
I flagged it for obvious reasons Self promotion advertising.