Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA

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2012/05/20 00:39:06
We're headed there over Memorial Day. Suggestions? (non-touristy)
Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2012/05/20 05:45:53
Five Forks Cafe, South of Williamsburg is non-touristy (We were the only car with out of state plates, and served a very good breakfast).
 We also liked Pierces  Barbe Que, although I am far from an expert on good barbeque.
Avoid the munerous pancake houses, especially Mama Steves.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2012/05/21 02:28:25
Do you really mean "non-touristy", or do you mean non-tourist trap?  There is a big difference.  A place might gets lots of tourists because it is genuinely good, and both tourists and locals will eat at that "touristy" place.   A "tourist trap" just lures in tourists and is a rip-off.  Locals won't touch it. 
 Being that Williamsburg is primarily a tourist oriented destination, lots of good places will be touristy.  
Anyway, Pierce's Pitt Barbecue has really good barbecue, but it is touristy.  Lots of locals and tourists alike enjoy it.  
I'm going to disagree with Brookquarry on Mama Steves (unless he/she meant to stay away because of tourists).    Yes, it gets tons of tourists, but it is one the few breakfast places in Williamsburg that brings in genuine Surry sausage. They also have the real deal dry salt-cured Smithfiled ham.  If you haven't had that before, you are in for a treat.  It is very strong, and be warned that you will be thirsty all day. 
Speaking of Surry sausage, the Surrey House in Surry, VA is good bet.  (Note the two different spellings of Surry/Surrey).  This place will still get it's fair share of tourists, but fewer than most Williamsburg establishments.  Peanuts are the star at Surrey house.  Be sure to try the peanut soup and peanut pie.  Of course, Surry sausage is on the menu as well. 
Not really "roadfood-ish", but The Trellis restaurant in Merchants Sqaure on Duke of Gloucester Street is darn good, somewhat finer dining.  (Yup, it's in the heart of pesky tourist alley).  It's enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.  Many unique dishes, and the menu frequently changes from season to season.  It's owned by Chef Marcel Desaulniers, famous for his dessert and dessert book named "Death by Chocolate." 
Another place in Merchants Square is The Cheese Shop.  It gets a mix of locals, tourists, and college students from William & Mary.   Other than the obvious of them selling cheese, they make pretty good sandwiches on French bread that you can take to go and eat outside on nearby tables.  The Cheese Shop sandwiches are not very big, but they are a favorite among the girls at the nearby sororities.   
For bigger appetites, a place favored by the fraternities and other guys at William & Mary, try out Paul's Deli.  It is on Scotland Street at Richmond Rd., across from the W&M football stadium.  Paul's Deli serves large, oven hot sandwiches on Italian bread rolls.  It does not get many tourists, but will get lots of W&M students and alumni.  You will be sitting elbow to elbow with some serious eaters and beer drinkers.  Get yourself a pitcher of beer and a hot "Holly" sandwch (roast beef, turkey, bacon,  cheese, pickles) and enjoy.  I spent many an evening at Paul's Deli during my W&M years, and still enjoy eating there when I'm in Williamburg and in the mood for a hot sandwich.   The main sandwich maker, Ron, has been working there since at least 1984.  You can't miss him.  He looks like Richard Pryor.   Paul's Deli also has strombolis (similar to a calzone with pizza sauce inside), and various other Italian and Greek dishes.  But, sandwiches are King there.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2012/05/21 06:09:43
Agree strongly on the Surrey House. Ride the free ferry from Jamestown across the James River.
Glenn, we will just have to disagree on Mama Steves. Had probably the worst meal of our Williamsburg- Virginia Beach trip there two years ago. Pancakes were cold. Eggs tasted like powedered eggs. Did not have the Ham or sausage, so maybe that would have been an exception to an otherwise poor meal.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2012/05/21 07:27:00
Even though I haven't been able to get there myself yet, I have read good things about Jamestown Pie Co.  It may have recently changed ownership.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2012/05/22 08:06:16
Glenn et al: Thanks for the detailed info. Anything near Newport News? 
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/03 16:44:26
Is Newport worth the drive if we're hanging out in Williamsburg? It looks about 20 miles away and seems to have some good seafood options. Has anyone tried any of those?
Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/04 14:39:36
Born and raised in Newport News although I haven't lived there in many years. Newport News has never had a reputation for "great" restaurants, but has always had it's share of pretty good ones.
Here's a couple of "old dependable" places you could try plus a newer "trendy place".
Danny's Deli  http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/35/390948/restaurant/Hampton-Roads/Dannys-Deli-Newport-News A fixture in Newport News   for decades. Good deli sandwiches, a throwback to the 60's.
Port Arthur Restaurant  http://portarthurva.com/  For many years Port Arthur chow mein was the only Chinese food I had ever eaten. Cantonese-style, nothing fancy, but good.
Surfriders   http://surfriderrestaurant.com/poquoson/ A local (Hampton Roads) chain (I linked the Poquoson location) that has a good reputation, mainly seafood.
Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/04 15:19:46
Here's a couple more dependable restaurants in Newport News:
Joe & Mima's  http://www.joeandmimmasnn.com/ordereze/default.aspx A local's favorite for Italian & pizza for years.
Das Waldecafe 
 http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/35/390957/restaurant/Hampton-Roads/Das-Waldcafe-Newport-News German food is not my favorite, but this place has a great reputation and the food is supposed to be authentic.
Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/04 22:34:14
We were there in late October of last year.
In Williamsburg.
We ate at Christiana Campbell's for dinner  and had their speciality crabcakes.  Enjoyed the meal and historical atmosphere.  Worth the trip.
Chowning's Tavern for lunch.  Just Ok.
Blue Talon Bistro.  www.bluetalonbistro.com.  French style bistro and menu.  Both of us enjoyed our meals.
Second Street Bistro.  www.secondst.com.  Had dinner there.  Great service and good food.
In Smithfield, we went for lunch at the Smithfield Inn.  Country ham and biscuits are the specialty of course.  They were good, not great but what do I know.  We enjoyed our lunch.  Lots of atmosphere and I think George Washington slept there!
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/06 14:48:27
Thanks, everyone. How far is the drive from Williamsburg to Newport News?
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/06 18:19:38

Thanks, everyone. How far is the drive from Williamsburg to Newport News?

It depends on the part of Newport news.  NN is long and narrow.  It can 15 minutes or it can be 35-40 minutes, depending on what part of Williamsburg, and especially what part of NN. 
Put in the actual street addresses in MapQuest to get a better idea.  www.mapquest.com
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/07 17:41:13
While I agree wholeheartedly with some of the above recommendations, I must say something about a couple of the others. Thirty years ago Port Arthur's was THE place to go for a special night out. Went back a couple of years ago, and it was nothing special at all.  Very similar experience with Das Waldcafe. 
Second St. in Williamsburg is one of our favorites and they now have a second location in York County, just outside of Newport News.
Joe and Mimma's is still great after all these years. 
We also like Giuseppe's in Williamsburg for Italian and County Grill in Newport news for BBQ.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/26 17:35:09
Just got back.

Blue Talon Bistro was very good. We all enjoyed the meal there. We also had a nice breakfast at Shorty's. The pancakes were excellent, though I'm sorry to say the maple syrup was Mrs. Butterworth's. so I used honey on mine and it did fine. 
We went to the pie place (Jamestown Pie) but it was disappointing. Selection wasn't too good and I felt the pie was mediocre.
Aroma's Coffee was a nice place to hang out, and the coffee was great. It was a bit crowded, and the service was slow.
I'd suggest avoiding any of the "tavern" restaurants in the colonial area itself. The four of us ended up spending over $100 for a lunch that should have cost $50. It was the only place open and we were far from Merchant's Square, so it was our only choice. Live and learn.
Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/26 17:57:17
I use to enjoy dinner at the King's Arms when I was in Williamsburg, but that was many years ago.
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/03/26 19:01:37
My personal opinion is that the taverns at colonial Williamsburg are great and a wonderful experience.    We really like King's Arms.  It is going to cost a little more here but you are helping to keep colonial Williamsburg alive!
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Re:Williamsburg/Jamestown/Northern Neck VA 2014/04/03 18:33:01
We did like the experience at the tavern. It was atmospheric. Maybe it is worth one meal on the trip. The food wasn't bad, either.