Macalester College

2012/05/20 09:50:28
The daughter of a good friend is headed to Macalester College in St. Paul this fall and I'm thinking that instead of cash or a generic gift card I'd give her gift certificates for various eateries in the area.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
Re:Macalester College 2012/05/20 10:05:03
Not to be persnickety, but what kind of food does she like?  St. Paul has some great dining opportunities, but I would hate to recommend something she won't enjoy.
Re:Macalester College 2012/05/20 10:14:17
I have made an inquiry per that very subject, Budster.  However, I'm sure pizza's a good bet and I believe she likes Thai food as well.
When I was in college "free" trumped "like" every time...
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Re:Macalester College 2012/05/20 15:35:07
Izzy's Ice Cream on Marshall Avenue is awesome.  The Blue Door is a popular burger joint and is less than a mile away.  Casper and Runyon's Nook is less than 2 miles away, as is Pizza Luce.  
If she's a coffee drinker, Dunn Bros coffee is less than a half-mile away.
Re:Macalester College 2012/05/24 16:01:29
There are a handful of good places immediately adjacent to Macalester.  This would be my gift basket of food certificates to a Macalester student, all within one block of campus: 
  • Shish ( is a must
  • Khyber Pass ( for Afghani
  • St. Paul Cheese Shop ( for incredible sandwiches and, of course, some good provisions
  • Coffee News Cafe ( for a place to use Wi-fi, have coffee, and some decent standard food
There's also a Whole Foods within reasonable walking distance.
saps mentions Izzy's which is my favorite ice cream place across MSP. The Nookie Supreme at the Nook is my favorite burger on the planet. Great recommendations, but you'd bike, bus or drive there rather than walk.  And Dunn Bros is also a good recommendation -- local chain, roasts in-house. It's actually diagonal from campus (next to Khyber Pass and St. Paul Cheese Shop)....much less than 1/2 mile.
Tons of great options around there but for convenience sake, the ones above would be my recommended starting point.
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Re:Macalester College 2012/05/24 16:26:24
Izzy's Ice Cream on Marshall Avenue is awesome. 

Izzy's is truly da bomb.  Their salted caramel is one of my favorite ice creams.

Other places vaguely in that part of MSP that I rather like include, roughly in order:
1. Everest on Grand (very good Nepalese)
2. Highland Grill (upscale diner food, excellent breakfasts... a bit of a haul from Macalester without transport)
3. St Clair Broiler (nothing fancy, but good, solid malts and burgers)
4. Khyber Pass (Afghan food)
5. Groveland Tap (roadfood-worthy burgers)
6. Nook (more roadfood-worthy burgers)
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Re:Macalester College 2012/05/24 16:43:53
Most of these places are fine, but I was really unimpressed with Everest on Grand.
I like Nepalese food (I visited Kathmandu on business some years back). Gorkha Palace (which is in "Nordeast" Minneapolis, near the U of Minnesota campus) in my opinion is much better than Everest on Grand.  It also has music and appeals to the college crowd.  Neither is walkable from Macalester, so if she's going to be taking some form of transportation anyway, Gorkha Palace is, I think, superior.
Re:Macalester College 2012/05/24 17:02:11
I can't argue Gorkha Palace on quality, but that pretty much throws open the entirety of the downtowns at that distance.
It sounded like the intent was to introduce her to her new neighborhood. If not, I'd be happy to start throwing in all the great Asian places up and down University Ave.
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Re:Macalester College 2012/05/24 17:44:19
Izzy's makes the best ice cream I've ever had, and the salted caramel is the bomb.  I like their butter pecan, ricotta, and cream cheese flavors as well.
I don't even eat ice cream in the Chicago area anymore, since we don't have anything that compares.