Swiss food near LAX

2012/05/21 00:09:31
I've passed by Chalet Edelweiss many times and today I actually ate there.
What a great find!  Swiss food in the Los Angeles area, Westchester to be exact.
  When you walk through the door you feel like you're in an outside patio.  There is a faux tree on one side and the Alps on the other. 

The menu proved troubling.  There were so many things that I wanted to try.
I started out with the...
Käse-Bier-Suppe mit Schwarzwälder Schinken
Bitburger beer with Black forest ham and cheese combined in a tasty soup with a warming color and flavor   $7.00

I happen to love cheese and beer soup and this one didn't disappoint. The toast pieces on top and the little pieces of Black Forest Ham were a bonus. The soup had a sweet undertone which I found out from the manager was vanilla.
There were four of us and we all agreed to try the Raclette.

Swiss Raclette cheese melted over a layer of potatoes,
served with cocktail onions, pickles and tomatoes appetizer size $9
The description of the Swiss Raclette is exactly what we were served.  I could eat it as an entres.  Cheese and potatoes are great comfort food.  Watch out for that hot plate!

 I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel

Choice of sautéed pork loin Schnitzel or chicken breast, topped with bacon bits, mushrooms, croutons and pearl onions, served with homemade Spaetzli and red cabbage   $20
It was outstanding!  I'd order it again if I didn't want to try a different dish.

What I really noticed was all food descriptions are spot on.
I've had Spaetzli in the past, but this was a bit different.  After making the Spaetzli, it was heated up or fried.
The other things ordered by my friends were a steak salad...

and one of the specials of the day which was some sort of a turkey dish.  I didn't pay too much attention to it because I was enthralled with my own.

We were offered apple strudel and fried apple rings over vanilla ice cream but we'd had enough.
Chalet Edelweiss is very cute inside.  With a few items brought here from Switzerland we felt like we were in a real chalet.
 That pizza oven in the center of the picture is for the pizzas that the Swissphobes must order.
What a great place!  It's just a block or two from the In n Out by LAX.
Re:Swiss food near LAX 2012/05/21 02:14:18
Mar52, when I was in Switzerland 25 years ago, everyone there was eating pizza.  I couldn't account for it, since they have great food of their own.  It was probably that pesky "Americanization" thing.  By now, I'm sure that the Swiss think that pizza is a native food.  
Thanks for the review, though.  I'll definitely check this place out.  Just about all of the good German restaurants in LA have closed down, and I'm craving those spaetzel!
Re:Swiss food near LAX 2012/05/21 10:03:05
Mmmm....cheese, beer, and ham all together in 1 convenient bowl!
Almost makes me want to put on some lederhosen.  Perhaps I will for Smoke Day.
ann peeples
Re:Swiss food near LAX 2012/05/21 12:20:46
Excellent find, my friend! All the food looks great! The only slight comment, is that now a days the restaurant serves pork instead of veal for schitzel. To me, than call it pork schnitzel-not just schnitzel......
ann peeples
Re:Swiss food near LAX 2012/05/21 12:23:35
Comment, as I screwed up! They did call it pork( or chicken) schitzel...I guess I am on a  mission for veal schnitzel these days....
Re:Swiss food near LAX 2012/05/21 13:17:23
Everything looks outstanding! Especially the soup!

Italian is the official language in Ticino (Switzerland). They share a border and some cuisine.
Re:Swiss food near LAX 2012/05/21 13:30:27
A lot of their schnitzel dishes had veal as a $5 upgrade option.
Catasaurus,  it's right on Sepulveda... east side of the street, across from Kohls or what was once The Broadway.  (I hate that we don't have department store choices now)
We went there thinking that we'd share a bowl of fondue.  The price ended that idea immediately.
It's $17 PER PERSON and add-ins are $2 each.  They had a two person minimum.
If we had wanted only fondue it would have been different.