Good Instant Stock Mix

Junior Burger
2012/05/25 20:42:30
To All,
    I know many chefs don't have time in professional kitchens and use commercially made stock. I am more interested in the granular/paste/liquid stocks that are professionally available, especially ones with less salt. I am not looking at the boxed bouillons/stocks available at supermarkets, but the types that you have to order via a vendor or online. I do know the MINOR's base ones aren't too bad (available at BJ's and other sources) but have never tried REDI-BASE (which seems to have a large assortment). Going through Pennsylvania I've tried many powedered bases (some granular) that turned out to be just horrid and salty. i've tried many cube types also (with little success). Any suggestions or recommendation for the TRIED AND TRUE bases that have decent taste, little salt and hopefully available in less that 5 gallon buckets (GRIN). Most interested in Bases for: Chicken, Beef, Ham, Turkey, Vegetable and Seafood.  I've perused past posts on this subject (or near subject), but time has the way of taking things off the market and/or companies end up changing their own products recipe.  Very interested to hear what you use in your restaurant/cafe/diner kitchen.  Thanks to All in advance. Mark in NJ
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Re:Good Instant Stock Mix 2012/05/26 05:16:01
Knorr has 3 liquid bases that I've used for some low cost stuff.  We make our own stocks normally.  But the Knorr was good, has low sodium and no msg, and price met our price goals for that product.  Should be available in the states.
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Re:Good Instant Stock Mix 2012/05/26 20:32:39
Better than boullion.......low sodium beef & chicken availaible at costco.
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Re:Good Instant Stock Mix 2012/05/26 23:36:55
Thanks for those that responded.
RodBangkok and ChefBuba - yes, I've tried Knorr's and Better Than Boullion and they were OK when I needed a quart or two or stock........but at times I need a good gallon at a time and wanted to see if anyone had in the past tried and found a very decent stock mixer for larger quantities (I beg all your pardons, I really should have said that in my original note, but was just thinking in one to two gallon size.  But I do thank you for your assistance.
Foodbme - thanks for offering up the web sites for Minor and Redi Base.... in fact the office for REDIBASE has it's PO Box Number in town here, BUT, they ship the product out of North Jersey and don't have any sizes in the office to buy for sampling (which I suggested they really should do).  There are also many other soup bases sites on the net and I have those, but was trying to see if anyone had really TRIED a base and liked it other than the MINOR's which seems to be in most of the clubs across the US (along with the BEtterThanBouillion).  But I do give many thanks for replying so quickly with good web sites.
Hope to hear from others for instant stock/soupbase/boiullions that are good not only at the quart or two level, but also at the the gallon level, with low salt, decent taste and storage ease.  Thanks in Advance, Mark in NJ
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Good Instant Stock Mix 2012/05/29 16:58:13
Redi-base makes a variety of bases including a couple kinds of beef, but I've been using just the plain-labled "beef" base for years and it's excellent.  It has a nice natural beef flavor,(not artificial tasting, or with an aftertaste as I find other beef bases have).   I don't think it's low-sodium, but don't find it overly salty.  To me, Redi base's chicken base is not that special, and I use either Swanson organic chicken stock, or Better than Boullion.  I like the new Swanson chicken boost packets for when you need a small amount, I haven't tried their beef flavor.