Used trailer question

Junior Burger
2012/05/26 00:16:15
I am looking to purchase a used concession trailer and I have found one that fits into my budget. What questions should I be asking to the current owner? I am thinking of ones like is it currently in use? In what counties has it been inspected/certified in? Current menu? Weight? And next, should I take that info and any pics to my HD and talk w/ them to get their take? Thanks for the help,

Re:Used trailer question 2012/05/26 04:28:52
What kind of trailer is it, BBQ? Hot Dog? Ice Cream? Funnel Cake? What? Give us more details!
What are you going to produce in it?
Buck & Vi's
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Used trailer question 2012/05/26 08:30:19
how bout.. sizes of the water potable and gray tanks..year of appliances if any..if it has a hood system has it ever been inspected? cleaned? by the way if it does have a hood system take the filters down check to see how the grease is under them(or over so to speak) you may want to check the ceilings too.. when I was looking I found what I thought was A good rig ..but I noticed that the ceiling didnt look quite right. when I pushed up on one end ......the water just ran out of thanks !!
Junior Burger
Re:Used trailer question 2012/05/29 06:49:08
Yea, those would be good things to partner and I have have a bbq catering business, so we are well versed for serving up to about 500.  We have done several Relay for Life events for the past 6 years of fried foods, (Oreos, Honey Buns and Pickles) and we are thinking of expanding to we are looking at a trailer to help out...This would be used for fried foods mainly, but if it comes equiped w/ a griddle, then maybe sausage/brats (depending on the event). Thanks again,