Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS

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2012/05/27 04:56:20
With very little notice I find myself in Memphis, TN for a few days. I arrived here Friday about 11am. Reported into work at noon and spent 5 hours getting squared away for my Memorial Day weekend work fest.
So after work I head to Tunica for a seafood buffet at the Horseshoe. I've been there several times over the years, starting in Feb., 1998. Back then they offered AYCE lobster tails. Small ones, but... PP ate like 20 of them. I'd never seen her put away so much food.
The food was always good and always fresh.
Not this time! Quality has really suffered, food is noticably dried up, it's spent too much time in the warming oven waiting to be served. Several platters are empty and not being refilled. It's not late evening either, about 6PM.
They have also cut back on staff in the dining area.
Well time to find a new place for AYCE seafood. If I have time Tuesday night I'm gonna hit up Paula Deans place at Harrah's. Several people here have recommended it.
mayor al
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/27 10:05:50
  For several years our local casino/riverboat, operated by Caesars, then Balley's, and now the Horseshoe, had a buffet that was just like the one you found on your current visit to Tunica...It was worse than the average H S Cafeteria in quality and appearance.  A bit over a year ago the Horseshoe dumped their food service outfit  and brought in Paula Deen's Company to re-do the buffet restaurant.  It is really a nice place, with excellent quality and cleanliness.  We , in seafood-starved Indiana really like the Seafood Night, and the Sunday Brunch for building our iodine levels by feasting on shellfish when we can.
  Enjoy you week in Mississippi, even with the heat outside right now, you'll be eating well at Harrah's.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/27 10:36:22
lleechef and I will be staying at Harrah's in Tunica for a few days come early August (because I have to attend a conference, not beause I love Mississippi in August). With any luck at all we'll be able to avoid all buffets.
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/27 14:16:51
Michael Hoffman, you can always hit the renowned Blue and White on Hwy 61.  The last time we were there we didn't go in as there was an ambulance with flashing lights at the door, and lots of furious activity.  Instead, we made a pit stop at the convenience store next door -- and when I say pit stop, that's just what it was.  Beat-up, dirty, not appealing at all, and really greasy smell.  You will carry its memory in your clothes for the rest of the day.
In 2006 we stayed at Fitzgerald's.  It was relatively new then, very c lean and attractive, and we were treated well and had a great experience (I had the biggest slot machine win of my life, a whole 125.00!). 
Because of the good experience, that was our first choice while there in 2010.  In four short years, man, did they go downhill!  Everything was more beat up, from the outside, to the lobby, to the rooms, and their appointments.  It was a shabby place, with sloppy housekeeping, dirty places,  and definitely did not inspire confidence.  We're done with them!
But I will say, their breakfast buffet was impressive, generous and well done.  One guy's whole job seemed to be to fry potatoes.  He had this giant grill, and was throwing spuds and onions raw on one side, then moving them over as they cooked.  His tool looked like something like a camp shovel.  It was a large operation -- and I did love being able to eat bacon until I bust.
I only mention that as I know you and bacon have an intriguing relationship.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/27 19:27:17
No chance of us going to the Blue and White. It's a buffet, and I don't eat at buffets.
mayor al
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/28 07:31:35
   The Blue & White is a diner not a buffet. It is out on the highway ( US-61 I think) in the town outside of the casino community. Order off the menu and we recommend the Chicken Livers !
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/28 11:12:41
mr chips
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/29 00:59:55
The Blue and white was wonderful when trudy and i visited a decade ago,
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Re:Horseshoe casino Tunica, MS 2012/05/30 13:47:15
I hit Paula Dean's last night. Much better! They had some grilled oysters and fried shrimp that were really good!
I have a lot of time this afternoon, I think I'll hit the horseshoe casino & buffet,
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