Got a food invention?

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2012/05/27 19:48:23
Got a good food invention? They take three invention ideas and choose one of them to market.

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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 00:51:22
I have unique food ideas for concession business but they appear to be looking for machinery. Am I misreading it?
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 00:59:10
It's a good show. They seem to focus on kitchen gadgets...or small appliances.

Tonight there were some really cool really heavy utensils for pace... exercise and could be used as a lesson if need be...a gel disc that melts into a sauce...and the finalist that went to the panel was a hand-held espresso maker.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 08:20:09
Well you know what I sent them. And in fact we are doing a re-write of the web site over the next 7 days. Although I'm still stumped as to what my Meta Tags should be.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 08:31:03
Pretty slick Jack!  Hope they pick you up.  You don't show the actual pumping device in the video.  Is it suitable (or adaptable) for home use or is it aimed more at commercial users?
P.S. Mrs. Roadhouse is on her way to KC.  She didn't want to drive this time, so she's trying the MegaBus service.  I think she's gonna try to get the driver to stop for lunch at your place, so if a big blue bus pulls into your lot around 11:30-noon, you'll know who's responsible.
p.p.s. What the heck are Meta Tags?
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 08:58:04
I'm just a little bit hesitant to show the entire pump and hose system at this time. Not sure why just am. LOL I'm still debating (with myself)  the price structure. I have been contacted by a couple of marinade sites that are showing interest. One is the Fab A and Fab B folks.The other wanted an exclusive for distribution, and sales. This is all new to me. 
Home use: When I had my needles made I had the holes put in the last two inches so it would work for a guy doing 4 or 5 filets, pork chops or chicken breast on the weekend. So the short answer is yes the average back yard BBQ guy would love how it works, the end results, and how very, very easily it cleans up.
A bus LOL I love it.
Meta Tags? Are what describes to a search engine what the web site is about. They will cause Google or what ever search engine to rank your site in the top one or two positions when Joe Six-pack does a search.
We are doing another video today or tomorrow showing the pulling process after the injected meat is smoked. It really is amazing. Makes brisket or pork like butter.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 09:22:11
How long have you been using the injector?  Last time I stopped by was right after Christmas, so would I have had any meat you've smoked after using it?
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 09:53:09
No, just got it done in late March. I was waiting for parts (needles, valves) until then. I had the idea but didn't know if it would work until I got everything in and built one. Sure glad it did.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 09:53:21
I saw the end of one of the earliest shows (could have been the first) and they accepted the product that made it to panel. That was a very basic marinating stick...for meats.

They did mention that they like to see pricing around x5....when the knife & forklift untensil designer mentioned his sales price.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 10:23:53
Unless I'm misunderstanding how that "Marinating Stick" (Not the Dr. of BBQ's injection device, but the one featured in CCinNJ's link) works, it seems very complicated and labor intensive.  It looks like you have to chop up very fine whatever goes into that stick, load it in by hand, and then shove the stick in the meat.  CC, I'm getting from your post that you saw the actual show; is that how the device works?
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 10:46:03
I only saw the part of the show where the panel was weighing pros & cons (after the demo was over) and going through the story that was more about the journey to get there for the lady (going back to school etc.). They were focused on packaging and if I recall how someone who stumbled upon the stick in a casual trip to the store...might not know what it is (hard to tell how it works just by glance). They also had the obstacle of the vision of the inventor (many years into the project with her vision only). But they did accept it. I can't tell how when why? by looking at it...and I don't know what they have done since they accepted it...because it still looks very vague.

It must have been filmed almost a year ago...and there does not seem like much professional new framework has been done to the site as far as clarifying and selling it fast. Just the fact that it was a product featured on the show you'd think there would be an As seen on Invention Hunters billboard...especially after it has aired.

The fact that it is a television show and this sort of basic product but in the similar genre was featured means that challenge to push through package market and identify will be more critical (as far as the show goes)...because they have the foundation of whatever this stick does and are already committed to selling it.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 11:22:40
Not to knock Mary and her product but that thing depends on the juice of the meat infiltrating the spices and then going back into the meat. Right? Or how dose it work? I'd blow her stick out of the , water.
Edit to add:“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”
- Leon J. Suenes
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 11:26:43
Maybe the deal fell through. I would think one of the first things that would change in a rep. the payment system.

I only see mention of it being sold at Jewel in the Chicagoland area.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 15:07:55
How did you find out it's sold at Jewel?  I ran my cursor over every square inch of that website, trying to get more information, and the only thing it would let me do is click on the payment options (and I don't want to buy the thing).
You're right Jack, I'm not sure how that stick is going to have any significant effect on the flavor or moistness of a large cut of meat or turkey.  Your injector looks to be far more potent.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 15:16:58
There was a local newspaper article (Indiana) about Mary being on the show...and it mentioned Jewel as the b&m seller. Mary was also on a Chicago morning show...maybe Good Day Chicago.

None of the inventor sites mention the show...which would be strange if it is left to their own discretion.. The iron does not get any hotter than right now for them.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 18:23:58
I'm not sure there's anything new about a marinating stick, when you can buy larding needles for a lot less money, and they've been around for most likely hundreds of years.  If you leave that thing in the meat it well most likely help drain a lot of the internal juices from the meat.  Anyway don't see anything new or revolutionary here.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 18:42:15
Rod you just blew me away, I had never heard of a larding needle but
CI, cooked three eye of round beef roasts side-by-side, one larded using the needle, the second larded by the common method of inserting the fat into slits made on the surface of the meat with a sharp paring knife, and the third unadorned. The needle allowed us to dispense with this task much more easily and quickly than the paring knife did, and the resulting meat was more tender and flavorful because the lardons were inserted deep into the roast rather into the surface only. Not surprisingly, both larded roasts were superior to their plain counterpart.

Hell they are everywhere. Now I have to buy some and play with them.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 19:42:20
Good news...the stick is not for liquids. I like Mary and now we can root for her...and be off the stick.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 20:37:57
I don't think anyone was rooting against her I certainly wasn't. But her invention is no big thing and won't do much for the cooking process. She may sell a million of them and I hope she dose. But on the other hand  my injector will kick her ass in a heartbeat. LOL.
And I like Rod, think it's basically a larding needle which intrigues me.  A larding needle could be used to insert a different type of meat into the center of any other meat. You  could use it to poke bacon into whatever kind of meat or vegetable you wanted. Which would add both fat and flavor.
Hell take a potato and fill it with sausage. Ive been doing that since I cooked with the David Kloss team at the Kansas City Royal in 2000. 
Everyone that is invited to enter the Royal knows that twice baked potatoes are the only potato entry that ever wins that division.
But after twisting David and the teams arm they let me cook and enter my sausage stuffed potato. I used a (new) chrome sink drain to punch a hole through the potato, about the size of a quarter and filled the center with sausage and cheese, then used tooth picks to put the ends back on.  Then I wrapped it in foil and threw them on the smoker. When they are done you slice them and you have a flavor filled potato with a cheesy sausage center. We got 11th overall (out of 460 teams) and my potato scored better than that. top ten and not a twice baked. Pretty good.
I'm intrigued by the larding needles. I think they may make a come back.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 22:31:51
I'm not rooting against Mary either.  I'm just realistically looking at her device and wondering how it works and whether it's worth the effort.
It looks like you need to mince your aromatics very small to fit inside that stick.  Once you've done that, you need to hand load those tiny little pieces of onion and garlic and whatnot into a very narrow space.  On top of that, you're using such a small amount of aromatics inside the stick, you have to wonder if it has any appreciable effect on the flavor of the meat.
Heck, I hope that stick makes her a rich old lady, but she won't be getting any of my money unless some objective third party can demonstrate to me the value of her invention.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/29 22:53:08
I am sure there are a pair of sticks waiting for me to open...for my Birthday at this point.

I will be crying...and poking eggplants by Sunday morning. I am getting soft. Lol
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 04:27:55
Did you ever find anything you would consider close in function and/or mechanics to the injector?

I have to be cryptic because the ****in pm function is not working properly.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 05:39:22
Dr of BBQ,
Have you applied for Patents Yet?? better protect your Idea even if you don't have a final product.
Dr of BBQ
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 07:06:19
Foodbme Dr of BBQ, Have you applied for Patents Yet?? better protect your Idea even if you don't have a final product.

I did and I do have a final product.
Dr of BBQ
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 07:14:49
CCinNJ Did you ever find anything you would consider close in function and/or mechanics to the injector?

I have to be cryptic because the ****in pm function is not working properly.

The only thing close were the electric multi needle brine injectors ($6000.00 or more) for hams in meat packing plants.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 07:38:33
I am an injector junkie. I use them a lot in comps and vending. When will you show the whole product? How large is the storage tank? I currently use the stainless steel one from Bass Pro Shop and the 1 gallon injector from No Cents.
Dr of BBQ
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 08:09:51
We are taking pictures this week. With my system you need to provide your own tank and just drop the intake hose into your mixture of liquid and spice.
Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 13:44:38
There are small single-needle brine pumps. They are usually really expensive and geared for commercial use.It may or may not do the same exact thing but it can be a factor when it comes to setting a price....and it may create more broad market fast sell appeal...for the very popular brines. You have a slam dunk market in BBQ.

This gives one way to showcase with broader instant connection and appeal for the home kitchens of the *gasp* people in major buying markets who don't experience BBQ in their daily lives within their local community. It's often limited to small very quick items in the grill and no smoker.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 14:07:45
One thing I noticed about Mary's product is, How would you clean it? 1 end is tapered so it can be inserted into the meat. If it's just for minced items that are stuffed into the stick, how difficult would it be to get all those (now baked) items back out and cleaned up for the next time? I cant imagine sitting there with a toothpick & poking out all those holes to clean it!
With the Dr's approach, it seems like you could be cleaned up in about 45 seconds!
I've used the Ronco flavor injector with mixed results. It allows you to inject pieces, not just a liquid. But, its not easy, does not allow you to reach the center of the meat and can be time consuming, if doing multiple pieces of meat.
I think the DR has the right idea and will sell many times more than Mary's, because it allows you more versatility, much faster and easy to clean and/or switch over to a different liquid. If the price point is able to be kept low enough, this could be the item that sweeps the country and makes Backyard BBQ/Smoker a regular event. I would try to capture the homeowner market as well, even if it meant having a commercial & homeowner version - like the vacuum seal machines.
Advertised on the Home Shopping Network, SkyMall, QVC etc. You will find that by limiting your distribution points, (having only 1 source that can sell it) the cost will remain high. The Sole distributor is not as aggressive in marketing, when all sales have to go through them anyways. The only way to get your ROI, is through multi channel deployment. You want to make your profits on volume, not individual sales. Remember the Ginsu knives of the late 70's? They kept the price point low, provided a quality product and sold tens of millions of their knives. (thus was born the infomercial, but that's another story).
There's a few approaches to going to the next stage. Find an angel investor. Build a half dozen units that you know have a proven design. Approach QVC and the other networks, you will have to meet with them to demonstrate the product and also show that you can produce the product. (Bank financing is relatively easy once you have contracted commitments) They will tell you pretty close, how many will sell. Their in it to make money and will tell you what needs to be done. Contact the Food Network and EVERY chef on their website. It wont be the 1 phone call that get's you will be the 1 of 500 calls, that get you in. Dont laugh, their always looking for stuff like this. Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, they all want to be one of the first to use this "New Culinary Tool". You may end up having one of them come to your place and do an episode.
Find a local venue to demonstrate publicly the product. Meet with a few cooking schools and offer to give them one in exchange for their endorsement. Also the students will take that experience with them upon graduating - to their place of employment. Then you have the restaurant exposure that your looking for. 
Submit your product to a few trade magazines for review.
If you want to go further and when you have the funding, manufacturing infrastructure in place, Wal-Mart has a division that takes product's from concept thru distribution. Now that being said - there's a lot of headaches that go with selling through wal-mart.......but the volume is there and you just figure it into your margins.
If you wanted to outsource the manufacturing end of it, there's plenty of company's that will make, warehouse & ship the product. You must be prepared though, to stipulate the quality of parts - right down to the type of brass used on the fittings. Most importantly, like starting a hot dog stand, do your homework. Write a business plan, know your margins and what you need to make - to keep it rolling. Dont EVER sign over the intellectual rights to anyone, for any reason. There is nobody out there that is going to help you, that needs more then your signature on an "intent to promote/distribute" form. Have everything reviewed by your lawyer. Know your absolute drop-margin and never go below it. If its going to sell, it will sell. Nobody goes up to the cashier at the store and say's "ill give you $1.50 for this gallon of milk thats marked $3.45". If someone wants it, they will find a way to come up with the money. look at Electrolux, Rainbow, Kirby vacuums. They all go for around 1k and they SELL! People will find a way to get what they want. The key is exposure and in today's mega advertising/branding society, it REALLY IS just a matter of calling enough people and speaking with the right person. Everybody knows somebody, who knows somebody.
I really think you have something here, dont get discouraged. In 3 years, you could be sitting on the beach while someone hands you a sippy drink with an umbrella in it - and the lady next to you says "So, what do you do for work"?
  Edited To Add; Find out what's involved in obtaining the "Coveted" NSF designation. Not having that, would be a deal-breaker for some places that are overseen by HD's that have a skewed interpretation of codes.
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Re:Got a food invention? 2012/05/30 14:21:48
Those sticks will easily be used in the kitchen & bar for purposes outside their intended use...and limited scope in advertising. They will put on show...that's not playing anywhere else. Not as marinating sticks.

That is the part where the advertisers are dropping the ball. Sometimes you have to look at something and realize or hope it comes to fruition every last applied function. Especially when you suck at building things. Don't tell me what it can't do. I'll show you what it can...hopefully.

It worked wonders for the microplane....which is now a standard in the kitchen.
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