This is National Beef Brisket Day

2012/05/28 11:56:33
From Tom Fitzmorris at
"This is National Beef Brisket Day. And well it should be. If there were an official start to barbecue season, it would be Memorial Day. And no cut of beef is better suited to barbecue techniques than brisket.

Brisket's qualities lend it to all kinds of slow cooking. Boiled and cut into big cubes, it becomes the heart of vegetable beef soup. Smoked and sliced thin, it's one of the two great subjects for barbecue. Cured ("corned") for a few weeks and then boiled, it's the centerpiece of either St. Patrick's Day or the kosher deli.

The magic of brisket comes from the wispy connective tissues you see between the meat fibers. When you cook it for a long time (four hours seems to be the magic interval), these melt into the lean and make it tender. It also gives the broth you make from the boiling liquid (if you cooked it that way) taste superb.

Brisket comes from the part of the steer that would be its armpit if cows had armpits. Whole briskets give two sections with differing textures. The flat end is best for smoking and barbecue. The butt end works better for boiling, because its grain twists and changes direction relative to your slicing--a real problem when cutting it into anything other than chunks."
So, what's your favorite way/recipe for Beef Brisket?
What's your Rub Recipe?
What's your sauce Recipe?
Besides yourself, who makes the best Brisket you've ever eaten?
Re:This is National Beef Brisket Day 2012/05/28 13:02:19
Since moving to Texas seven years ago we've had enough mediocre brisket to last a lifetime.  I'm "off it" until we get a chance to visit Austin.
Re:This is National Beef Brisket Day 2012/05/28 23:37:22
A day early and a dollar short.