Looking at starting an italian ice cart biz--have ?? for other owners, please

Junior Burger
2012/05/28 16:25:12
Have been researching the italian ice cart biz for a while now and getting down to taking the plunge but have some questions for those in the biz.  For your food permit from your HD, do you get a new one for EVERY single day event you do?  From what I've gleaned from my local HD's website seems they have "temporary food vending permits up to 14 days at $50".  Am going to call my HD tomorrow but just curious as to what all you other ice cart vendors have to do.  $50 a pop PER PERMIT PER EVENT seems excessive and will cut into my potential profits substantially, especially if I have to pay a large fee just to get into an event as a vendor.  For street vendors who have a cart in a location day after day, say in the summer, how much do you pay for your food vending permit?  I plan on starting out small, at a few small events, perhaps one or two weekend days a month until I get my feet wet and get myself organized.  I'm also looking at perhaps doing fundraisers (for a weekday gig) and was wondering how others who do these work them--pay a fee upfront, pay a % of profits (what %?) or a combination of both.  Any help from current cart owners about the permit costs and costs just getting events would be greatly appreciated.  You may pm me if you wish ().  Thanks in advance for your help.  Also, SWAMP--I've read your posts and I would like to talk to you about some other aspects of the biz but since I'm new to this forum I don't know how to pm you (or even if I can) so if you're reading this would you pm me when you get a chance.  Thanks again.  
Junior Burger
Re:Looking at starting an italian ice cart biz--have ?? for other owners, please 2012/06/04 11:20:27
Hi, Kaisermust.  I'm starting up an Italian Ice pushcart business too.  I think I might be able to shed some light on those Health Dept. permits.  Maybe you've found your answer by now.  But if the event you are looking to attend is in your county (or part of the jurisdiction that your permanent license covers), then you should not have to apply for a one-time permit.  Your attendance is covered under your permanent/annual permit.  You would simply fill out the event application and include a copy of your permanent license.  
The one-time permit fee allows vendors who are OUTSIDE of the county/city that event is in to apply for a daily or event permit.  You WILL need to fill one out when your biz grows and you expand into other areas outside of your regular permit/license.  Hope that helps.  Any other questions, I'd be happy to try to get you an answer.  I do run a website that gives all kinds of guidance and information of every kind to Italian Ice vendors.  Info includes manufacturers, suppliers, products, advice, and I'm trying to build a community for us.  It's all free.  If you're interested in finding it, please contact me.  Thanks.
Junior Burger
Re:Looking at starting an italian ice cart biz--have ?? for other owners, please 2012/06/04 18:10:47
For those of you who are interested in my Italian Ice site, I apologize.  Because I am new to this forum I am not allowed to post URLs or to Private Message anyone for 15 days.  But if you google "icy profits", it will be the first result. 
Re:Looking at starting an italian ice cart biz--have ?? for other owners, please 2012/06/05 05:00:49
Permitting varies by state, county, town & Hamlet. You just need to check with your local area HD.
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