Special Sauce

Hot Dog Empire
2012/05/31 18:32:04
For those of you that make your own sauce, do you sell it to customers in jars/jugs?
If not, what's the reason?
  • Is it not worth the time to prepare and store it, while hoping it sells before the shelf life expires?
  • Maybe in your particular market, there's not enough demand.
If you do sell it, what sizes are the most popular and is there any profit in it? Or is it done primarily to make an "upsell" or as a novelty? I am presuming that whatever sauce you sell, would have to be inspected somehow? I may be way off but, I dont think that selling your sauce would stop people from coming back. The average consumer doesn't say to themselves "Hey im gonna buy a jug of Leroy's XXX Mega flavor sauce and then I wont have to stop by there all the time".
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