Melinda Lee's Hot dog bun recipes

2012/06/02 13:18:14
On today's Melinda Lee's Food Radio show today she had a recipe for hot dog buns.
Here's a link to the written recipe:
Her site has new recipes every week which you might like.
Re:Melinda Lee's Hot dog bun recipes 2012/06/02 19:44:29
I'm now rethinking having posted this.
Those that cook hot dogs might not be bakers.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Melinda Lee's Hot dog bun recipes 2012/06/02 20:53:35
New England Style buns are not difficult to make, you can use about any bread recipe, but to be fairly authentic King Arthur has a good recipe.  The following link provides that proven recipe, and also a visual aid in how to form them, which is more the trick than the bread itself, which can be about any soft sandwich bread formulation.  You don't need a special pan, you can use a baking sheet.  We use shallow flat bottom pans of the right width, as this helps keep them uniform.  We use these mostly for lobster rolls.  The recipe in this post is tried and works quite well and of coarse is the same for both lobster rolls and hot dogs.
Junior Burger
Re:Melinda Lee's Hot dog bun recipes 2013/06/14 08:53:03
Rod: Are you really in bagkkok?????