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Junior Burger
2012/06/02 14:34:11
I need to buy a generator for my food trailer and I am confused. How big a generator do I need? Is it a 3500 watt, a 5500 watt, a 6500 watt, a 8000 watt, or a 1100 watt. Different pople I talk to have different opinions. I have an 18 ft trailer that has an air conditioner, shaved ice machine, 5 cubic (small) freezer, commercial fridge, tripple crock pot, buffet roaster, and microwave.  I really appreciate your input.
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Re:Dumb question about generators: 2012/06/03 02:11:59
There are quite a few discussions on here about generators. Suggest you use the SEARCH FUNCTION and type in Generator and you'll get mucho info.
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