Sauces Question relating to Woody's Bar-B-Q

2012/06/05 03:00:20
For the last couple of years there has been a Woody's Bar-B-Q in Beavercreek, outside of Dayton.  It is part of a chain, about 90% of whose locations are in Florida.  I've eaten there several times, including Monday.
Has anyone else eaten at Woody's?  Is it me, or does their Smokin' Hot sauce have a mustard taste to it?  It looked dark yellow when I put some on my sandwich, and I was like, what?  I thought all mustard-based sauces had the word "mustard" or something Carolinas-related (e. g. Captain Carolina, at the Company BBQ 7 restaurant in nearby Englewood) in the name.
Oh, and Woody's is on the Web at .
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